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There'd be some reluctance an conservatism. Within physical educations and I thought might be correct me if If I'm wrong, seems to be slightly more. Forward, thinking, entices tonight but when I entered the profession As the P. Community tended to see themselves as somewhat more progressive. And we would look to somewhat disparagingly without out with a degree of Snow Parade. A. Wave of the of my career, I think the pendulum has Swung if I want to look for really good child Engaging pedagogy I got some of the governing bodies and the. the official coaching. Manuals and and philosophies. Now. Whether that plays out if I picked up a soccer club, rugby club. Week in week out working with A. Inevitably, we have volunteered cultures. The Gist of Culture Education is incredibly challenge in there, but nevertheless, if I if I want to look full. That sort of child learner centered athlete centered pedagogy. They certainly, some brilliant stuff that's being developed in Spool. If I want to see you know sometimes discovered into schools and. We. WORK INTO SUPPORT Training Teachers and mentors. And if I WANNA see some. The. Absolute replicates, Looks Executive Siamese, the physical education I hide. Thirty five years ago as a teenager. Can still see plenty of it in schools I can see. Really good practices. Well, I can see. A minority of I really don't want to be ill sound disparaging in toll, I? Think the stretches in which people are operated. I think the way we educate a teachers the way that they given. Tournament and allowed to be creative as big structural issues that we have to unpick. I'm not I'm not pointing the finger to. The individuals who delivery lessons like mine. But if I want to see math if I got to mess class. Ghost. The kids learning maxine of very different white. So I did thirty five years ago. I. Think that's huge questions why it wise jumped ahead a watch Simon we we need to we need to tackle that. Night I think what you already mentioned about P. The there is danger that it just becomes physical activity just having people young people move more, and then we can ask what is the educational..

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