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The city of chicago rahm emanuel and are all all the mid rowley therefore over are warming arteries our formed in in the third war and i'm talking about often repair that all or fifty five million dollars that with growth to be in her war this somehow guard prayer quit over the they reappear o'hare harpool you that your she was a rayo but in public policy there will be a lot war crowley chrysler are how this happen and therefore calmer today okay bike mike's talking about the bga report about the fifty five million dollars and in to fund was supposed to go to neighborhoods booked uh went into navy peter gray and right the tiph money will make things as for your call i think what i love that you addressed was your story about your female boss and i think just reiterating the fact that you know there is that role for men to play here and how we and how you you know you're able to address these things as men you know men standing up for issues that women care about but also for women in politics like i said being mentors to young women standing up when you see sexism in this stuff is really important so thanks for that story okay let's go to mature mitchell biran yeah this great topic if you were on board in making fifty three on chicory topic since with 1963 but hillary clinton brought to the election was based on the fact that she can get the boat but okay she did not vote and at the average american knew how much money two hundred seventy one trillion dollars you blew on that election including the primary probably would vote democrat again it's not about the fact that she's a female are we gotta stop this netflix ongoing narrative you're pushing that art critic hilarious are.

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