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And then also in Iowa, twelve and the ex code. Simulator. It's seeming to suggest that this I phone, ten plus model will also have the ability to operate in landscape mode, which makes sense considering I believe the iphone eight plus in the plus models have had that capability for a while in this would be the iphone ten version of that plus size. So that's not too surprising to me, but we are now seeing evidence that that will happen. And then Qualcomm CFO, George Davis this week told investors that apple will use a competitor's chips in all of its twenty eighteen iphones. Now, this was something that we thought might happen that apple would be moving away from Qualcomm LT modem ships because they've had kind of a rough relationship with welcome. As a matter of fact, they've been trading lawsuits back and forth for a few years. Apple did move to using a number of. Intel's cellular modem chips in their devices with the release of the iphone eight plus in the iphone ten. But this would Mark the first kind of confirmation that apple is wholly moving away from call comes cellular modem chips. He didn't mention specifically who would be providing those two apple. The assumption is that it would be Intel in this year's lineup. Although we also have heard of another company called media tack that may produce some LT modems for apple this year. And this is despite the rumors we had heard previously that Intel would provide about seventy percent of the modem ships with Qualcomm kind of covering the balance this coming straight from the CFO at Qualcomm seems to confirm that apple is not buying modem chips for any twenty teen models from them this year. So that's kind of the latest on iphone models. We also have a little report on what's happening with maybe the next generation of ipad pros. This is coming from MAC Takhar. They're saying it's going to lose the headphone Jack this year. Again, I don't think big shocker to anyone, but they're saying that apple will not include an adapter with the ipad pros. Again, something that I personally don't find too surprising, but maybe frustrating for some people, and it's also believed that apple wants to gin, reduce the Basil's and more importantly, reduced the physical size of this year's ipad pros while still maintaining the ten point five inch and the twelve point, nine inch display sizes. So they're gonna get physically smaller, but have this same displays in same display real estate and. They're going to achieve that. It's expected by taking on a lot of the cues from the iphone ten so reduced Basil's no home button. There will be a notch in a trip camera system because, of course, without a home button, no touch ID. So they're gonna go with base ide-. Unfortunately, this Makati car report claims that there's going to be no support for face ID in landscape mode on the ipad, which that is completely baffling to me. I can't imagine apple doing that..

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