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And I I hate to say this. And I said when I was coming out you gotta reminds me of like that Warren Moon. Doug Williams, old classic gunslinger to kind of waddles back and kind of delivers it from the pocket. But in Washington, I think it would be a great situation. Because if there's nothing to have wonder more talented office aligns they're going to be able to run the football when they get guys back of all the places, I think that that's the one that does have a little old line. It has a little ones not as much. They don't have any playmakers outside, but that has a spot and then at seventeen with the giants like I've said this. I believe it to be true. I think Daniel Jones is in the crosshairs for the New York Giants. Yep. I believe the connection between he and he li- having played for David cut cliff having allies backup quarterback train him his personality being comparable to ally. I think David Gilman as we're seeing he doesn't really want a whole lot of personality in that locker room. And so he would qualify as like a perfect fit as a quarterback because he doesn't have a lot of personality. But he does contemplate do think tentative way the DC fit. Is there a world where you see lock ahead of Haskins. I don't see it. Because I think Haskins is a much better player. However, I think his talent his arm talent is fascinating. There's a lot of check marks with lock. But I just I can't get there on a tape. I definitely can't get down to tape. And look, I I love drew. I like all these these kids because they came through the elite eleven circuit. What I will say with drew is. I could see someone seeing him like Matthew Stafford seeing his low completion percentage and being able to kinda excuse it away and saying look look who we play we look at the system this and that he's a talented guy. Get him in our system. We can do it. I think there's I think they will be that debate and people will train, but I think you have to stick to tape. I'm gonna go with Dwayne Dwayne Hassans to me I have over everybody else will see high plays out to me. He is just as traditional quarterback that has played in the league for years and years on let's go let's start a debate. Then let's start with Haskins versus Kyla Murray. Then if you got. Haskins over everybody. You mean everybody everybody. Okay, everybody has versus all y'all as they were saying let me let me start with the other side Cuyler. I recently bumped I had them literally was a six to zero and one's a six to one. So I had them literally right together. I made a small bump on Cuyler Murray over over. I wasn't blown away by Haskins at the combine. I didn't I didn't know if I was going to it was a little soft body. But I it doesn't bother me a ton. I had heard that he lost a lot of weight to get into the combine in two thirty. I think he's a natural bigger guy. I think he's gonna play into to forties, and that doesn't bother me that much. He's clearly the polar opposite of what we're talking about what Kyla Murray. I just think you know for me with Cuyler Murray. You have a guy who you don't have to protect him. Great you want to and you don't want to take him big hits. But I think he's uniquely suited tears ONA because they can't block right now. And so you need somebody that can. The Dutch dodge duck, the traffic, and that's going to be Cuyler Murray and not to mention the arm. You know, I like the arm town. I liked the explosive playability with the arm or the legs. I like Cuyler because he can kind of make his own. He can go get his own. He can create off the dribble. I think Haskins has more of a catch and shoot guys. Oh, you mean, look, so look we're talking about one one is Steph curry others Klay Thompson the difference with Dwayne Haskins in that scenario is look I've seen Tom Brady and Philip rivers have a lot of success in the league. And they don't we not body..

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