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He gives you a short answer you can fire back. He fires back. And then you start going back and forth. I do think that the way the access and everything's kind of controlled and sterilize the NFL. It does make it a little bit more difficult to get those kind of interactions. What land looked like like, billboards and posters everywhere. All over the city L. Yeah. You know, like the train's got a rap or a paint or whatever right with a big Super Bowl logo. Yeah. You see stuff out in the distance? It feels like the Super Bowl. They're. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. It's a big deal here, you know, and look around LA that was kind of the weird thing, right? Is that I know they had a great off at that rally. But you know, you kinda look around town. You don't see like a ton of ram stuff. Right. You know? Know, it's not like everybody's out wearing their Rams jersey. And it's not like you're seeing you know, banners stuff all over town. I mean, I think that if you just kinda drop into Los Angeles from another country at this point and didn't know what was going on in the NFL season. Like, you probably wouldn't guess that the local team was going to the Super Bowl. But it feels like the super bowl's in Atlanta. Yes. Absolutely. You could tell. Yeah. Yeah. This is football country. You bring up a good point though about the LA market, which is interesting because in a couple years once that stadium is built in Inglewood, the Super Bowl will be in Los Angeles. It's getting built four. I mean, if the Rams the chargers play there, but it's to show off the city of LA. I'm curious how that will play out. Yeah. Well, my concern is a nice still have to see how this week plays out because the rampages practicing in really two different parts of town. And this is a city that's supposed to have really bad traffic and say LA one team is practicing kind of over like in Inglewood area. And maybe the other team is in Pasadena like at the Rose Bowl, and you have to kind of get from one place to the other. I mean, could you imagine how that's going to be like, you know, so. I do have some kind of questions as far as the practicality of it like houses whole thing. Go to work, you know, you can put a media shuttle and let it get in the diamond lane, whatever in Los Angeles. But I kind of have a feeling that it's going to be kind of hard to get from point a to be. So I think the people that that are planning this have have a pretty tall task in front of them. When you check in get your credential. Did they give you a gift? I got nothing. No. I just got asked. If I was from another country shut up. No, I'm serious. The guy has I come in. And they ask me like, you know, are you form Prosser something which I thought was kind of weird. Yeah. I mean. I don't wanna get into. Yeah. I I wanted to I wanted to see how close you're gonna get to that. No, no. Said domestic your domestic Dylan Hernandez us you need Twitter name as you are at the Super Bowl getting all kinds of coverage. And I need you to poke the bear little bit. I need you to go to Bella check in. Hey, Tom Brady. Is that the question? All right. Now, somebody who you reporting and prodding and trying to get answers out. And he didn't give you anything Stang cast him. Yeah. You and he had a little interaction over the weekend. And you're calling the LA times seem like he didn't wanna talk to you. What was what happened will the irony of this is actually he wanted to talk to me what? Yeah. Andy Reid like that in your call them. Yeah. I mean, I guess I maybe should've I don't know like us cast in, you know, for the last however, many years has been very now. He's a chairman of the dodgers. Correct. Correct. Yeah. Or the he's a president of the president. And he's been pretty reluctant to talk to our paper about a number of issues right starting with the TV thing on the record. You know? So obviously the lack of spending this off season with the dodgers has been kind of an issue. It's been a concern of the fans and like I didn't even bother to ask for cast..

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