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This is why I love what he said. Because we are paying tortorella to make headlines and to give takes. And he's on ESPN and he's saying things that get us talking and get the league talking, get the world talking. He's a complete moron for what he said and he's completely wrong, but I don't want any situation where we ask for takes and comments and opinions on the league and then guys give them and everyone screams and yells how stupid he is, right? So I did send him an anvil and envelope with anthrax. So heads up in your mailbox ever talk about Macbeth like that again. But he's giving a take that he truly believes is correct. And here's the thing, who am I to say anything? Because John toro has a Stanley Cup. He knocked off the Tampa Bay lightning in Columbus a few years back. He's done some special things in the game. And he knows what it takes to win in the playoffs. But if you think that Connor McDavid has to change his game, you're the craziest son of a bitch that's ever walked the planet because this guy, like I've said before, is the greatest hockey player of all time. You want him to change his game? What are you talking about? Do you know people say Steve eisenman changed his game and they won standing up? Steve eisenman had Sergei fedorov Nick Litt strom Larry Murphy, all the Russians, Constantine off Larry on off, Brendan Shanahan. Dude, Connor McDavid is an absolute genius on the ice. We need every other player to try to do anything remotely close to what Connor McDavid does. We don't need Conor McDavid doing what some grinder does. Now, yes, in the playoffs, is it harder to score? 100%. But why would he change his game? Okay, in the end, does he need to do a little bit more defensively? I guess you could ask that of anyone, right? Of anyone. Like, yeah, you gotta be a little bit more responsibly defensively. Dude, you have the whole game. You create chances every time you're on the ice. You're the fastest skater with the puck. The game's ever seen. Nothing about Connor McDavid's game is causing the oilers to not win the Stanley Cup. There's nothing does nothing to do with him. And the argument is, wait, you don't know shit. You were a plug, you were brutal. You went to the cup finals. You sat on the bench pretty much the whole time. Towards his Stanley Cup champion, he knows what it takes. You want to quote towards me saying when he's selling the world on ESPN for McDavid to shut up, what would he be saying if he was coaching the oilers? Holy shit, call a fuck about the honor. He's got fucking tripped in hot dog game. So enough with the shut up Connor. Dude, I have been. I watch every oilers game, as you know. If you follow me on Twitter, there's three penalties a game on, they don't call. And so if he was head coach, he'd be discussed. So you can say shut up. I don't even think he winds that much. If you look at Crosby's beginning of his career, he wind more than McDavid has. I just don't. Social media wasn't as big. Everything wasn't going as viral and happening fast. Now, I agree with you a 100%. He has nowhere near the personnel. This is the first. Is this the first year where they have a legitimate contender? And they still haven't just some people's opinion having addressed goaltending, right? Well, 5 on 5 they're struggling, but they are a contender this year. They are no question. 100% contender for the first time I would say since he's been an oiler. So now we can start judging. Now, based on the penalty aspect, there's been a big conversation online because you know when playoff starts all of a sudden they start calling the game a little bit looser. And we all know that and that's a fact, right? You get away with a little bit more cross checks to hear cross checks are there. So everybody found it weird how many he would normally draw and then the drop off when playoff came. I don't think he drew one penalty during his 8 playoff games. Sorry, did they get swept by Winnipeg? They got swept. In the first round, right? Yep. So I don't think they called one penalty there and then in the games leading up to playoffs. And even to start the season a little bit. Now even as a fan you're starting to notice it. So everyone's noticing it. Right. So that's what makes me wonder. Maybe he is complaining that much and refs are so sick of it and it's like, you know, maybe it's behind the scene under his breath where like refs are noticeably not calling penalties on them. And maybe there's a whole sense of like, he's so good, we can't, we can't help him out even more. You know what I mean? Do you think this is towards looking into all those comments about that? Or he's like, man, come play off time. It's just harder. It's a little bit tougher out there. If he's gonna keep complaining and whining and they're gonna keep complaining and wine, it's not gonna help him in the long run. So he's saying kind of shut up and just like learn how to play through it. That's his. That's his opinion on it. Tort saying shut up, the way he said it so funny because the guy just knows how to like piss people off and he's he's so truly like, what's the word when you he's just so authentic torque? He doesn't give a fuck what one person thinks..

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