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News radio one thousand Katie okay eighty nine degrees in Oklahoma City when Faulconer Lippert it's time for our mental tune up and were really talking about emotional competency and emotional intelligence Dr Kayla Wellen Hobson licensed psychologist from Norman is of my co host each week when we do these mental tune ups we're joined this evening by Dr Paul Tobin who is an Oklahoma licensed health services psychologist and he makes presentations as well as has his own clinic we're talking about one of the presentations he makes on emotional competency and emotional development thank you intelligence where to go it went right down to remember was that tip of the tongue the things that we learned a few weeks ago right exactly yeah and Paul or doctor Tobin I've I wish you would talk a little bit more about that I think that's an important concept for people to keep in mind the listeners as they know that they have some power they have power to change like you were talking about is that one way that you you work with people who can help them understand them absolutely absolutely appreciate that yeah we're we're we're talking about we a resilient secrets and all that but let's back up a little bit and and talk about the level of stress what and I'm a refrence the model or the structure of the martial intelligence there's writings by Daniel Norman G. O. L. E. M. A. N. I'm not gonna as an occasional psychologist to organize these materials but his original concept I believe very well organized it to help students in the elementary and middle schools deal with is being able to focus and concentrate what I've heard from that was just the bottom haven't developed an enlarged to where even corporate America says gosh on that it is our mind body in organizations and mailing it on a regular on a larger basis it's all human beings here with these concepts of we're stressed entered into our lives and the influence of stress on our bodies and our minds and if you were on our spirits and for example with the cold and because of this uncertainty uncertainty by its nature create stress and when I was looking at again kind of where we are with this cancel fire hit the beginning and then we kind of reached a bit of what appeared to be sort of a middle before we started the reopening process and each one of those had different levels of stress in the very beginning very much like a tornado that came out of left field with Mikey el Reno tornado a couple years ago we didn't see it coming and and that just overwhelm people people not not gonna work it will contact other income people were sent home from their jobs students did not return to school colleges send people home office and everybody was put back into their houses an unexpected way and a lot of fear a lot of uncertainty and unclear about health issues these kinds of things can enhance US electronics date of the initial crisis interesting generously our cameras and our eating and nutrition seven difficulty with concentration those of us who have anyone who has health issues or mental health issues that can be kind of a worsening I'm a bit of a perfect storm actor Kevin I'm glad you brought that up because I know worry for me and I know it yeah it has been for several level all of us in our group is that we might not only get it ourselves especially if we were on the front line team patience but we might in fact are family members or someone around this is not well absolutely and then you know I struggle with that I struggle with what if I make someone else sick I mean that is that's a true struggle of mine it absolutely not I'll personalize this I have members in my close family who have health risk issues and also I have six lovely grandchildren in Oklahoma than I struggle to visit with us from time to time based on their social patterns and our own health issues and so it's relevant on a small scale in my own life but I know this is a broad scale across our entire world certainly Oklahoma in terms of people making choices about how we deal with social distancing because of those emissions based on on health issues those who are struggling with who have had not senior members and assisted living and and unable to visit them these are all stressors that trigger button and printer guilt trigger worry trigger despair and and all of that raw emotion is what government talks about is what's in our first client yes I want to talk about the structure of the instrument well we have one minutes before I have to interrupt here here okay I want to have a visual image of the pain felt when you have a surgery and the medical personnel the nurse the doctor the technician comes in the personal therapist on a scale of one to ten where you're paying we want to make an application of medication or some form of relief to be able to address that I take that same scale and honors and then wonder can emotionally where are we and this kind now we get back from the commercial but talk about bad loan that we often times talk about performing arts or in sports we have an ideal conduit connection but this kind of emotional crisis the type of health crisis the uncertainty of it all those are typically out of that affective functioning level that is so interesting that you would use that pain scale even for emotional pain I've I've never heard that used before so what during this summer break while low everyone is listening to fox news you.

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