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Blocked baggy breakfast i would say that she took him back i mean she's using words like our daughter and mommy and daddy are so excited than so a lot of people are going yeah i saw them kissing one girl said they were actually kissing their hands were all over each other all night while so when everybody was saying shell a nightclub papa us on stage crying because you singing about selena gomez maybe he wasn't well according to bella hadid she commented on e news is instagram of this story it wasn't me we can if you remember i told you this on monday morning was with shantelle jeffries who's one of justin bieber's access there she looked like she does in the fact that they're they're builds are the same and they both have long brown hair so i can see where people from faraway would get a little bit confused a former security guard for the church of scientology is talking about this behind the scenes rivalry between the church's most highprofile member celebrities the guard worked at the scientology headquarters in clearwater florida so he was constantly around the scientology vip's who are tom cruise kirstie alley and john travolta and the guard says the longstanding feud between tom and john may have started as they vied for the official number two position in the church under the scientology leader david miscavige he said quote cruises the only celebrity with direct line to david miscarriage travolta and kirsty don't have that travolta doesn't get anything free nobody is giving him absurd gifts like an airplane hangar custommade bikes or over the top favors the guard also said when tom cruise was awarded the freedom medal of valor which is the highest award in science technology given to its most dedicated member travolta exploded in jealousy because before tom cruise john travolta was like he was their most prized possession the church is responding to all of this gossip saying this do this security guard just basically has a personal axe to grind now that he no longer works for the church scientology and.

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