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Grocery gift card to the store of your choosing, maybe you'll take it to, I don't know, baby Kroger is closing pretty soon. Disco Kroger doesn't have long left, so maybe those are your stores and that's where you want to spend the money. Or maybe your public's fan, maybe your Walmart, wherever you choose, that's up to you, but it's a nice incentive to make that donation and key programming strong here on WAB. 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 WA VE dot org slash donate is the way to do it. Your odds right now, one in 59. Not bad. Not bad, have we heard from you? If so, thank you if we haven't. We'd love to. It's 5 12. From NPR news, this is all things considered, I'm Elsa Chang in Culver City, California. And I'm Sasha Pfeiffer in Washington, with winter approaching, Russian attacks on Ukraine are increasingly targeting the country's energy infrastructure. Earlier today, Russian rockets hit energy facilities in multiple cities, including the capital Kyiv. It was the second day in a row the city has woken up to explosions. And pairs Nathan rott is in Kyiv and joins us high Nate. Hey, thanks. What details have you been able to learn about today's strikes? Yeah, so here in Kyiv, there was a series of explosions this morning on the eastern side of the nipro river, which runs right through the middle of the city. And local officials say an electrical facility was targeted, three people were killed. And that was just here in Kyiv. Explosions were also heard in nipro, another major city in south central Ukraine and in gitomer, which is in the northwest part of the country. Local authorities there were saying that there was a loss of electricity and water and that hospitals were actually running on backup generators. So as we mentioned, this is the second day in a row of this kind of targeting. Does that indicate that this is a deliberate attempt to go after Ukraine's energy sources? It definitely is. You know, Russia's defense ministry has said that they are targeting exclusively energy and military facilities. That said, we did visit a site yesterday here in Kyiv after a drone strike aimed at a heating facility that also hit a residential building across the street, and that attack killed at least 5 civilians, including sadly a woman who was 6 months pregnant. I talked to a resident of the building next to the one that was hit. She was standing outside her name was Tamara boru Asheville, and she was pretty blunt about what she thinks Russia is trying to do to Ukraine right now. This terrorist they are targeting

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