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You're going to have Bruce Mitchell. And I mean there's gonna be a lot of Bruce Mitchell. Just look for the dark cloud wherever the dark cloud is BRUCE'S under Nathan. Well, we're going to be there. Sunday man recording live, man. We're going to be at the star cast casting stars, dude. So if you thought that the weekend ended after all in on Saturday or the all in after party, that's right kids. If you're just going all in and you're like, I don't need to go to star cast Sunday. It's one in done. It's over. Believe me. We have confirmation. The party is big. Stars are going to be there on Sunday. Outside of the we watch wrestling podcast is going to be big stars. Tom's not gonna be joking tool on the plane. My God. He's gonna have to check it. Yeah, it's gonna have to check it. Well, he I mean if we go away for thirty seconds, he's like, can I take two suitcases. Unplanned said, you know, come on man. Oh, yeah, like he listened. No, he's definitely gonna. Listen, beg. He wants to hear about. He listens to the show and he doesn't even listen to the show when he's on it. So it gets away talking about his butthole oldest to town every Tuesday, hey, man, he's banking episodes. Now. It is interesting. The latest oldest bone he'd up topping talks because he tapes it. He taped it the the afternoon of the fifth year anniversary show. So you're talking about how nervous he is. Oh, yeah. You're cool. As a cucumber me, man, you couldn't give a fuck less. You showed up your, hey, I got extra microphone courts who gives a shit. Well, I guess I wasn't, you know, everyone has their triggers that wasn't a trigger for me. You're just so fucking. You're a Loof. All in dude. Yeah, all in dude, Kenny vs Pinto am. Let me pull up any interest in that match. What a unique never before. Has this ever happened before in the history of before. Oh, man. I haven't even seen this post this, the all in poster. Oh yeah. It's got the box and Cody. The biggest independent wrestling show ever. Nine one eighteen Sears centre arena. Chicago, Illinois, Senate love them walking in. Them walking states. Let's see matches announced, participants who the over the fact that WGN is running the first hour. I know that's crazy. The pre show as it were the over budget, battle Royal over budget, battle Royal. Jordan, grace, moose rocky Romero repond e repond Roppongi. Boom, boom, it's coat Cabana. All ego is in page Brian cage, which is so them the other night at bar us. Yeah. Billy Gunn Jimmy Jacobs, Marco stunt, Brandon Cutler punishment. Martinez mortar com-. Yeah, it's gotta be. It's a battle Royal. It's about a Royal. That's all it up. Philip gotta have at least twenty guys. Then there's the the other pre show as it were the what? Zero hour. They're calling zero hour match. Briscoes versus so Callan censored, right Scorpio sky, my my speaking the truth Briscoes versus Ocala censored Scorpio's sky and Frankie zehr Yankee who has he has a resemblance to, and I don't mean to go Sibley here, but you know, maybe I just missed the guy. He reminds me of John C Reilly a little bit in the face for some reason, really. Oh, wait, no, I'm thinking of kazarian. They're just it's not. He doesn't have the nose and I don't know. Some John C Reilly is from point break. No, no, he's he's from who's Zaka he's from like stepbrothers and shit. And John C McGinley. Now John C Reilly for no, no. John C, Reilly is in stepbrothers. I'm thinking of John C, McGinley from like scrubs and point break. I want those scrubs. You know that. Oh, fucking hot TLC references. That's what you can expect without civil. Here. Let's see. Nick Aldus versus Kennedy. Cody Kenny roads, Cody Rhodes. That's not how you say the NWEA champions name, but I don't know how you say it either. It's like Adidas or a l d I s is an Aldus Aldus as he's Magnus, it's Magnus is who it is, Agnes. That'll be Magnus, isn't that the name of the chicken. Metro, maybe that's Santa's Samson, I don't..

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