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Also agreed. Mr Biden reiterated his administration support for Israel's right to exist versus Hamas is commitment to Israel's destruction. Experts are predicting a busy Atlantic storm season, but not as bad as in 2020. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is forecasting the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season will be busier than normal. Forecasters expect 13 to 20 named storms with up to 10 of those becoming hurricanes and 3 to 5. Major hurricanes with winds of more than 110, Miles an hour lead forecaster Matt Rosencrantz points toe warmer water reduced cross winds, stormy weather coming off of Africa and no El Nino weather event. Which would typically squelch Atlantic hurricane activity in 2020. There were 30 names, storms so many that meteorologist started naming them after letters in the Greek alphabet. Jennifer KING Washington The National Weather Service is warning. More rain is expected in Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. National Weather Service forecaster David Roth says over the next two days, areas of Louisiana and Texas could get heavy rainfall Southeast Texas Over that time for him. We have 1 to 3 inches of rain forecast. Bacteria live, which there could be local amounts higher, like in the five inch range. At least 15 people have been rescued from flash flooding in Arkansas. Forecasters say 2 to 4 inches of rain could fall in southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana and the next couple of days. To areas that have already been hard hit on Wall Street. A good days the Dow was up by 188 points. The NASDAQ rose 236.

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