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Are slamming D.C. mayor muriel Bowser for letting the clearing happen, but she's defending her decision tonight. No one should promote the idea that we're not trying to connect people to services or the abundance of housing assistant that it exists in D.C.. But we should all be clear that this is one of the most complex human conditions and problems that exist in a city. McPherson square is now close to the public. It's 1106, amazing how long some people have survived under that rubble following the devastating earthquakes in both turkey and Syria. They're being pulled out even as we speak, in some cases, it is becoming less frequent sadly. The mental well-being of those survivors is one of the main things that rescue workers focus on. He's been finding survivors in turkey who have been trapped for days. Naturally, their emotions, it's a charged atmosphere where everyone is working tirelessly. Doctor morteza shock alahi with Virginia task force one, the team from fairfax county that responds to natural disasters around the world, he says giving the survivors hope and emotional support during the rescue is important and if the survivor has family members who are okay, focusing on that can make all the difference. By being able to confirm that their family member is outside, is well, is waiting for them. That in fact gives them the motivation to thrive through this quite devastating circumstance. Nikki and Ellie WTO news coming up here after traffic and weather as our nation continues to cope with people overdosing from drugs and people abusing drugs, there is that drug Narcan that's been shown to save a lot of lives if given to a person quickly if they're ODing. That drug may no longer require a prescription. It hasn't happened yet, but we will discuss the latest with axios tonight. I had on WTO P 1107. University of Maryland global

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