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Like food is edgy. Oh yeah this kind of some shitty soup for sure. You know like my energy or if I'm rushing. I'm not focused. It's not gonna be as good when if I'm joyful and I'm relaxed than it is going to be so good you cannot stand it. And that's what is in there and I feel like I set that energy and that little kitchen. I walked in the door and no matter. What's on with me? The second I walk in the door the first place I go is behind the line and check in with my team. Then I move out to the floor so yeah I mean that's the delicious food is love. I love to that. You said one of the fears you had about actually being the chef was that you had experienced other chefs are cooked. Anyone that worked in a kitchen at a restaurant as kind of aggressive and hard. And you're like that's not me like I could never lead that way. So it's yeah it's like you're eating usually when you go out to eat in a restaurant. You're eating in a highly Anxious food right. There is a ticket there first of all from the moment. That food is ordered. It's ordered at. How much is this GONNA cost? Can we get it cheaper? Where do we get it from? And then the next place that it goes to it goes into the kitchen. There's a race to get. It preps that I understand well and in there is a race to get the ticket time out to the table and then they're so that creates this anxious consciousness that's going on in the kitchen so you have chefs that are hierarchy. There's a hierarchy. There's aggressive behavior people are running under pressure. And there's a lack of joy when you're doing that. So how do you do that and remove that level of pressure? I mean we still have the pressure in Pinewood because we get rocket in there. Yeah but I always make sure that my team knows slow it down. Take Your Time. Finish it right. Relax get off the line. Don't you know no one is talking to each other In a negative way? I mean that's A. That's a huge piece for me. I don't have any bullies in my kitchen and I won't and I've had fantastic chefs. Come through the door to work with me. Probably way better than me But they were astles now. I was like a homey. You can't be here. It's really if it's I. We have a saying now in the kitchen. If you can't grow you gotta go. I love that you can't grow. You gotta go. Why do you think your inspiring movement so much so you guys have now opened up pinewood mercantile? Which you sell a lot of the jams. The pickles sell in their way. Sell the soups. I make all these microbiome soups. Because my whole thing is based in the bio and how the vile changes everything so which bacteria's fee and create which short chain fatty acids that then fighting inflammation. So if you're eating for those bacterias you're building that colony of gut homes. I call him then. Your body is invalid so I make these microbiome soups and everything. I do in the restaurant you know. I really try to do super southern but then I just messed with the ingredients or I combine. I create a platter like my the Southerner which is yes. It's fried chicken. It's gluten free in rice bran oil but I make sure there's Collard Greens with apple CIDER. Vinegar and then. The collards feet a certain gut homey and then the slaw is made with carrots in what the carrot does in Gut. So I'm looking at other recipes and I'm playing with them so they support everyone's got wellness and in Mercantile. Now says everything we do in elderberry barbecue sauce. We do in movie catch up so the move. Oh she catch up is a Japanese vinegar that does not she yeast and Candida and it also fights acid indigestion and it works as a digestive enzyme. This I'm like so every year so good right so people are like. That's the best ketchup different again girl. Aganst well did you ever have any resistance because pinewood is a tiny town. I mean I think that part of the movement to now is that you have this whole investment group. You guys call yourself pinewood eats and you're wanting to continue to inspire others to connect to real food but like did people in. Pinewood really get with that with all about at first. Oh no it was really brutal. What I did write about in the book was that was. The pushback was the resistance and was. I'm hey you know I had taken this restaurant. This store that had it's just a general store and then that had been there since the nineteen twenties and it had been It's always been a fixture in the community and I changed it and I changed the food and Yes I built up the community because now I employ everybody out there and the more burgers we sell the more cowboys and more potatoes. We sell the more people on the farm the more canned goods. I sell the more people working cannon kitchen that Iran so I was raising them up but in the middle before it could raise them up at all that people could see was the change. I was bringing. It was frightening and so there was a lot of resistance and there was a lot of hate in. I learned a great lesson. You know if you want someone to have grace you have to be the grace and so I had to really again. Always take things back to myself and How can I how can I make the situation better by being better instead of being mad at them? How can I be better? I asked my kids that now when things go down without my go girls your partner because we have a partner race we have apart and everything and you know we feed everybody in. Pinewood whether they have money to pay or not. There's a huge sign and we feed everyone because being hungry kid. I can't imagine growing all the food that we grow there and serving the type of food that we reserve which doesn't even exist in Nashville because it's really bright there from the farm take And it's food allergy friendly. I can't imagine having access to so much food and not being generous with it so we feed everybody with and I think now people are of us. They're very proud. And that we brought in these swanky partners. Yes why is Bentley is a client of mine and I know. He is spoken so wonderfully about pommard for years now but like I think that it's funny. Because Dirks like dirks and I will go on these not fad diets but we were always kind of looking into what to do for our bodies and all that stuff so we accept like organic food can be amazing. You know but that was kind of the thing that I just did not understand. If Pinewood small town culture would think that way. Because we're you know I feel like a lot of people who have lived a certain way for a certain amount of time. They're just kind of set in their ways and don't want to really look outside of the box on that stuff. Yeah I think what has happened there. One of the big things is I never when we opened. I should have been wondering who would come but instead I was just trying to stay alive physically with keeping up with the pace of it but what has happened is pine with. Because it's such an approachable flays. Because it's so comfortable in there that people now drive for hours to eat there because they know we all know we used to think. It was only on the coast in the big cities that people wanted to eat. Well but what I know now more than anybody else because what I do in Pinewood is people everywhere want to feel. Well they want to eat better and they WANNA make changes but there are very few places for them to go to experience different approaches to cooking and food. That are familiar so I have the Burger in the hand cut fries and I have the fried chicken. But then I'll have one of the microbiome soups or I'll have You know something from the farm that they may be won't try anywhere else but it's a comfortable enough setting that they're like oh I wanNA plenty chase that. Let me get a bite of that. They're more open. Well I want to talk a little bit. We were talking before about just how I think the science behind all of this is so fascinating And I know a lot of people because it thought this way to me when I first started. Learning about food can heal your body. It just feels overwhelming because there's so much to learn. There's so much that I feel like we've been misled to believe as far as You know diets or what's actually good for our bodies. So can you give some of the basics? Let's talk about maybe the basics of gut health. And why that's so important. I think the first thing that happened to us is we were. We started to use the word healthy food and we view healthy food punishment for when we've gone off the rails so we'll look at food like Kale Salad and you know. Actually I think Kale can be delicious but I think it needs to be cooked needs to be finally finally chopped and then massaged to make a great salad. So there's a whole process to that so we really view things like healthy food or good for us food as punishment that we've done something wrong. So we've I. The first layer for me about food and healing. Our body with food is our own judgments and paying attention to. What are we eating and mindfulness so I always say to people? I want you to pay attention to what you're eating. Just spend the week and did you eat a lot of dry crunchy cheese. Do you have a lot of milk? Do you have a lot of media? You have a lot of Kale because you can create an excess in imbalance in the gut with too much certain vegetables. One hundred percent so basically gut health is made up. We have all of these bacteria's good bad in some are good some people and bad in other people and what love is in the beginning of my journey when I said Matt macrobiotics was too rigid or too narrow for me is I am not a fundamentalist is all individuals and we all have to find our own yellow brick road to health via food. And the microbiome right. Now is proof in that and it has me super-duper excited because we some people can be Vegan and they do really well and they can be Kito and they do well or they could be Paleo but somebody else doesn't and now we understand why because in the gut all this different bacteria in the purpose of the bacteria is to break down the food so that the food can then go work in the body. The nutritional value in the food in work in the body most of us have an imbalance disfie- oasis of bacteria in the gut in the intestines at some place in the intestines. Some in the small intestine summit the toppled the small intestine some in the colon. The bottom of the colon. It just depends so eating for the bacteria that Gut homeys. Because they're like the rider dies. We don't want them to die. We want them to multiply.

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