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Time. Favorite for just two bucks on the one one-two-three three dollar menu. Price and participation may vary cannot be combined with any other offer combo meal vodka star debating. Roddy rich here is all this. Talk about tacos. This early has my stomach growling. The end of the steam meet and you see the steam coming up especially on a cold day. Two bites down the hatch. And i definitely could not choose between green or red salsa so i'd have to have one of each one be sorry together in the doctoral. Sorry not sorry okay Just in time for the holidays. There's at twenty twenty cents and it comes in a candle form. Yes the novelty candle company. They're based out of england and they're launching this new twenty twenty seven candle and it's kind of molecule that's of the year poop. No they got way more creative. They're saying that it's actually a candle that will give you. Four quintessential aromas inspired by the increasingly bleak reality of our current calendar year with the four fragrant layers. This candle takes you on a sensual journey through year. Essential journey through twenty twenty that such a dichotomy. But go ahead you get. The candle is cut the wake a little bit and then you light it. The i sent that you'll be reinforced. Is banana bread. Like that we masters as it stocked up in different. Yes so it stacked through the banana. Bread burnt something. And then it's going to go to another layer so banana bread obviously because right when the pandemic happened. That's what everybody was baking in their homes. What's after that you burn through it. Then you're gonna enter the hand. Sanitizer layer gag guy. That's too strong. Then there's a woody. Musk as the third layer. What's that inspired by. I don't know actually. I was confused by that. One people are holding. Musk woody. musk during the pandemic and then finally it ends with budgets aftershave and earthy essence and that is the layer intended to evoke memories of tiger king. Joe exotic himself. I'm gonna pass handle. It's sold in the u. k. So it's comes to a little bit under twenty dollars of and you can order it now and have it delivered in time for christmas gift for somebody as little smile. We'll joke but the banana bread sent. That's all they need. Just leave the candle banana bread. Everybody loves that's true. Banana bread rethought these next with earth. Day signs league in today's meditation with the few sipping exercises to remind us a little treat can go a long way so pick up your mccafe. Iced coffees close. Your eyes and deep sip been and deep.

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