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Angle for you know, those guys sitting on a chair? I mean, it was a zoo, but it was a media zoo today. Putin and Biden and that was kind of an actor story at least for me. Matt Bear is in the W IBC Traffic Centre. Alright, ham. We're looking at North Bound 69 crash in a ham. We're looking just north of State Road, 3700 and 36 3 and this is going to be right there at 126. And the crashes blanket right now. The left two lane stopped traffic bank, the state road 37 a little bit beyond southbound 69. Now company and heavy because of rubber necking right around. 126th Street traffic sponsored by Panera happen better at Panera. Dinner is hunting. Ready to serve Bring home Pinera's cheesy flatbread, pizzas, toasty sandwiches. Or creamy mac and cheese and cheese with delivery or pickup availability and pricing. Mayberry I met Bear Follow us on 24 instant traffic updates and w IBC TRAFFIC Hartley Sunny and 81 at the American Standard Cooling Weather Center at 93. W I. B. C. You're listening to the hammer and natural. Sure, Howard's and we write, kissed you. Every landmark days. He really laid it on there with my tail. Mm. My name is Nigel. Jason Hammer is here. Also Joining us live in studio Mark from the Mark and Rob Show here were.

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