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Yeah i don't hear that i think it is the momentum of the bishen and the striving all those years of trying to get stuff go when it was such an organizing principle for life for so many years that that when it when that was sort of met at least for the time being i had to deal with whatever a i wasn't dealing with fraud time which sounds very pop psychology but i think there is some truth to it like all right now you're here now this is the thing you thought it was going to make you extremely happy and it's not quite there as it have you ever any canadians who don't struggle with fine who are fine and well and also then how did you land on comedians he did be is it all because they you know they talk about their mental health and their acts in some cases i mean t tend to the first part of the question yes i know lots of comedians who who don't struggle with this at all and i know that because i there are often comedians who i know i reached out to and said his this does this sound like you and they're like i'll know i'd you know of dodged that bullet yeah the most interesting case though was was peter sadol who's a host of wait wait don't tell me and he approached me at this party and said hey i want to be on your show and i had no idea i note peter for years and i'm like really in what capacity way he said now i've heard of your show i want to do it i want to come out of the closet i want to talk about this for the first time in my life to someone who isn't a.

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