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Should remove all references of song of the south splash mountain you know what I'm okay with that KBC dependable traffic Tustin the five northbound after red hill crash in the two middle lanes traffic is stop and go from jamboree at the end of the secular continues on the fifty five northbound after seventeen street car fire in the three right lanes stop traffic from Enger Santa Fe springs the six oh five north bound between Washington and rose hills two right lanes closed for slab repair traffic is completely stop from Slauson east LA on the five south bound to before Olympic stalled big rig blocking the right lane stopping go from fourth street Ontario the sixty eastbound between vineyard and mission Caltrans has the two right lanes blocked at stop and go that's dependable traffic I'm Kevin trip on a M. seven ninety KABC smash mouth conservative talk afternoon three to six with a branch of zero on a M. seven ninety KABC on the John Phillips on KABC radio seven ninety K. C. well things were bonkers here in southern California not long ago we saw looting and rioting at the third street promenade in Santa Monica on rodeo drive in Beverly hills on Melrose at the Grove in the San Fernando Valley all over the place well if you turn your TV on recently.

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