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And tom. That'd take another brief. Look at some of the other stories making using science this week with the science report any study ones that close contacts were highest risk of catching covert nineteen if they had contact with infected person between two and three days from when the index patient. I showed symptoms. The findings reported in the journal of the american medical association. A based on the study of eight thousand engine fifty two contexts of seven hundred and thirty index cases and were carried out between january and august. Twenty twenty the authors found. When the index case didn't have any symptoms close contacts willis likely to catch over nineteen. And if they did there were less likely to have symptoms themselves. The study suggests that the severity of the case may be linked with the likelihood and severity of illnesses close contact. According to the world organization more than eight million people have now been killed by the coveted nineteen corona virus with some four and a half million confirmed fatalities and more than two hundred and fifteen million people infected since the deadly disease was first spread from wuhan china and he study warned that extreme el nino and la nina events will become more commonplace in the future because of the worsening climate change situation ju- increases in greenhouse gas emissions. The findings reported in the journal. Nature suggests that extreme nino and la nina events are projected to increase from the present. Five point six minutes per century up to eight point nine el nino and eight point three line in your events per century respectively in future climate scenarios the el nino southern oscillation patent is the strongest driver influencing australia's weather and climate on a year basis el nino or little boy in spanish is associated with extended periods of warming sea-surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical pacific. The name comes from peruvian fishes back in the sixteen hundreds. They noticed reduce catches of anchovies during periods of unusually warm water in the pacific ocean. It's counterpart la- neil. Little girl is associated with extended periods of cooling sea-surface temperatures in the central and eastern tropical pacific. The southern oscillation is the company atmospheric component linked to the change in sea temperature with el nino causing high surface pressure in the tropical western pacific. And learn your low pressure. The cycles loosely operated at a time scouts between one and eight years el nino's tend to result in periods of warmer temperatures reduced rainfall drought and increased fire danger in australia. While the americas tend to experienced increased rainfall flooding and storm activity. Studies defied twenty six species of astray and frogs at greatest risk of extinction with four likely already gone. The findings were reported in the journal. Pacific conservation biology one. That queensland's northern gastric brooding frog mountain. Mist frog northern tinker frog as well as the yellow spotted tree frog from the australian alps have most likely already gone extinct. The research by the national environment science program also warned that the southern corroborated frog and bow. Bow frog from the alps and the crew. Mbit tinker frog inhabit. Miss frog from queensland a likely to become extinct by twenty forty unless there's effective new action to try and save them. It is also worn another five species of frog including the beautiful nursery frogging crewmate tree frog our moderate risk of extinction by twenty forty scientists. Say the biggest threats posed by amphibian fungal disease chair try to misers climate change and habitat loss followed by invasive fish and pigs paleontologist of identified two new species of giant. Sarah dinosaur was discovered at a dig side northwestern china sarah pods are habib bristle. Planning dinosaurs with elephant like bodies and legs a long neck and small had at one end and an equally long tail at the other. Just think of fred. Flintstone pet dino. One of the newly discovered species silla tight. Saint answers would have been about twenty meters long. While the other named hamilton jing james inches would have been seventeen meters in length. the findings published in the journal. Scientific report suggests birth animals live during the early cretaceous period between one hundred thirty and one hundred twenty million years ago to once again court the immortal dr sheldon cooper. There's is absolutely no scientific evidence. Supporting klay avoidance of any kind which means that fortune telling is a fraud the professions of swindle and its livelihood is dependent on the gullibility of stupid people but of course none of that stops people from actually visiting psychics or for that matter psychics from preying on those true believers a couple of new york psychics. Who scam more than seven. Hundred thousand dollars from their victims in that up getting nothing more than five years probation. An order the payback. Just a small portion of the money. They'd scammed off. T- mendham from strain skeptic. Says it all goes to show that if you're a psychic in new york state crime really does pay it does unfortunately and it's a big industry especially you billions of dollars worth of business in the. Us is is the business occasionally and often enough psychics would take him to court. Because the games that i've used to get money out of their clients and we're talking of money in some cases it might be just bad advice. So because i just say someone coming and they want to keep coming etcetera or it could be because of in particular cases they claimed the client is under a chris and that they will be that. Could now this second in manhattan and it was a couple of psychics who between them which we throw a grand lasting and the other things they stole more than a million dollars from their clients which is pretty impressive. The trouble is finally to them. They both are five years probation that they weren't putting down and the order to repay the victim portion of what they stole my friend. One of the clients. Hide seven hundred forty thousand dollars in the had to pay two hundred thousand in other words. I kept in dollars and they didn't go to jail and he sort of wonder really if i.

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