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But they got it wrong and the journalists who have not going to name. They erroneously wrote that eight patients were hospitalized following severe reactions to the vaccine. And unfortunately, that just wasn't true. So there were some adverse events that happened just like any other drug, but they weren't as severe to merit hospitalization and unfortunately the good people at stat news the editors weren't able to catch this and the stock price I think the the trough and the high the differences around fifty dollars. So people had stops in places. There's a good chance that they all of their stock when it crashed on this news of the potential hospitalization. So you know I've. Given some commentary on Stan us in the past. But for me I, just don't see them as being very reliable news source I hate to say the word fake news but here they were a real culprit of fake news. So I encourage everybody to be careful and this is something even if you don't follow Stat News, they affected the stock price such that you could have lost a lot of money. So everybody be careful out there and even with stops you could get burned pretty bad. So that's Novak's. The next thing I want to talk about is t g therapeutics ticker symbol TJ, x they're trading at around two point eight. I think it's higher than this billion market cap rate now. And the news that we heard is the FDA accepted the new drug application for umbrellas as a treatment for patients with previously treated marginal zone lymphoma received at least one prior anti CD twenty base regimen end funicular lymphoma who received at least two prior systemic therapies. So this isn't really a surprise we would expect the FDA to accept their application, but the fact that they filed it in everything's looking good is a good thing. The other piece of news that we heard is that the marginal zone lymphoma indication has accepted for Priority Review and now has a pdf data February fifteenth in twenty twenty one. Meanwhile, the FAA date for the full foam indication is June fifteenth twenty, twenty one. So now he had very concrete dates on when these therapies could be approved and then marketed, and then t GTS can finally search revenue since up to now I think they're not really able to do that. So the some excitement around that other stuff going on they announced their Q two earnings report, and we saw that they lost a net amount of fifty two point, nine, million dollars and their cash and cash equivalents is two hundred and seventy, five, point, six million, and this is supposedly going to be good until the end of twenty twenty one. But as we know companies tend to stretch the truth when they talk about their cash runway. For me though I'm holding onto a decent position because of the next major catalyst is coming up in Q. Four of this year, and this is the face three ultimate one and two trials, and this is for an M. S. indication, and if they're able to see positive data here, I could see a big upside in the stock. The market size of multiple sclerosis is very large, and if t GTS can see better data here than say traditional therapies. I think that they could become kind of a leader in the space to some capacity and given that I. Think It's worth taking a position here and I think my average now is like eighteen or nineteen, but I still feel pretty good about it and we should see the readout coming out soon. So. That's Gt and then the last company WanNa talk about before we get to our major story today is cassava scientists and they're trading at around eighty four point two million dollars as a market cabinet,.

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