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Series and his longtime stunt double double cliff booth who's played by brad pitt they're struggling to make it in hollywood they don't recognize any more and in the film they're apparently there the next door neighbors of where this whole thing went down so new clinton's hard to imagine but he is and by that he i mean clinton he is so good i love his movies i love pulp fiction pulp fiction could be my favorite movie of all time you know as much as i love pulp fiction of all his movies my favorite is my favorites i should say are the kill bill movies i love those put them in my top ten at least two absolutely great yesterday hey foyer sure did and loved it oh yeah when when he throws up into her mouth hideous the whole he had to bring that people are trying to eat breakfast human speaking of manson and we sort of were there the manson murders charles charles manson's grandson was awarded his body i guess his body just been on isis he died i think in november and there's been a big fight over it because apparently i know what are you just hand it to them if you get his body and your declared like the the air then you're also sort of the air of the estate which is not that he had all kinds of money but if there's things about him that are going to happen if you like for instance maybe they sell part of his story to a movie that's being made on the rights to all things manson which i don't know why you'd want those but why would you want to benefit from the stuff he did why not just have him put in a potter's field somewhere without a headstone and be done with it.

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