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Public Service Newscast for August Fourteenth Twenty Twenty I'm Mike Clifford President trump Thursday rejected former vice president Joe Biden's call for a national mass mandate to combat the corona virus that from CNBC they report the trump accused the democratic nominee for president of politicizing the outbreak and have shunning science and combating the pandemic CNBC notes that trump resisted calls to wear masks for months. Now said, he favors allowing governors to decide whether to require them at the state level. Nurses a warning that Reopening York public schools for in person classes, risk-spreading covid nineteen among students, their families as school staff. The state is approved bringing students back to school this fall although recent reports show young people have significant carriers of the coronavirus and can't spread it to adults for much more vulnerable to the Disease Judy Sheridan Gonzales President of the New York. State Nurses Association is concerned that these supply of personal protective equipment is inadequate and that schools haven't. Taken other important steps to ensure safe reopening their issues of transportation that I don't think I've been worked out. The isolation are their needs for shields, our people to eat. What would they do if they have a person becomes positive? The Nurses Association is calling on state and local officials to postpone in person classes and to make the investments that would make classroom instruction safe. I'm envious series reporting and the city of Portland is poised to pass the strongest. Ban of facial recognition technology and the country next month more than that from Eric. Teigen. Off nearly a year in the making the Portland City Council is considering two ordinances. The I live band government use of facial recognition technology already passed in cities like San Francisco and Boston. The second would ban its use by businesses in public places making Portland the first city to do so native Portland or and member of the digital rights group fight for the future Leah. Says there's evidence some Portland businesses are using this technology because facial recognition currently totally unregulated in Portland no one actually has to report whether or not they're using the technology to anyone whatsoever. So we don't actually know how many companies have been using this technology on. In the wake of George Floyd's death Amazon IBM and Microsoft announced they would suspend the sale of facial recognition technology to police departments. City officials say the Portland Police Bureau doesn't use it but some law enforcement agencies defend facial recognition as a useful tool for identifying people wanted by authorities. The technology has come under scrutiny for racial bias according to a national. Institute of Standards and technology report from December facial recognition was up to one hundred times more likely to miss identify people of Color the Portland City Council scheduled to.

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