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As the jobs ambassador for associated Builders and contractors fought for more trades, education and vocational classes and Schools across the state, but ultimately I'm a leader who is strong, who is unafraid of going back into the fight for people of Wisconsin who just wants someone honest. Someone reasonable and someone who will never stop working as hard as they do. Can a fighter be a uniter as well? 100%. The vast majority of Wisconsinites simply want someone reasonable and honest, who represents them and has life experience similar to theirs. Tony Evers has spent almost his entire life as a bureaucrat or someone who's paid by the government. I have gone from the private sector as a watchdog journalists. To stay at home, Mom and I started my own small business from my own home. Was lieutenant governor gaining experience for years under Governor Scott Walker became the only lieutenant governor in American history to beat a recall election. And I did it while I was undergoing chemotherapy by the way. Since then, I run a federal agency celebrating the 1/100 anniversary of the 19th amendment. Women's right to vote. When I came back, I started a policy organization that has now put out Document recommending the 56 top best ideas We need to accomplish as conservatives for a brighter future for Wisconsin because the people of this state deserves better tomorrows. Former lieutenant governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, now hat thrown into the ring for the Republican primary to challenge Tony Evers next fall. I appreciate your time you've given me more than I originally told Alec. I would ask for And it means a lot. Thank you so much. Promise me you'll come back. At some point. We can talk again. I would love that and we'll do it in studio next time probably would have been more fun if I could have come down to summer fast. But my kids were there last night. I want to see the Jonas Brothers. Good stuff. Rebecca Kleefisch. Thank you and safe travels on the campaign road. Thanks. Scott, Rebecca for governor dot com. There She goes, the race heating up in earnest now, as uh, Scott Walker's former number two and somebody who fought back a recall effort herself obviously looks to challenge Tony Evers Scott Waris in for Jeff Wag. Nobody Get some of your reaction to what you just heard from Rebecca Kleefisch. As we continue live from summer fest on WTMJ, the best analysis of a 13 time world champion Green Bay Packers middle what he's gone. He is gone Touchdown here from Super Bowl champions,.

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