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Their only line, we're ready for the start. They're off in the Rittner symbol. Dina Spirit broke very well again today and so did midnight bourbon, and so the two of them are right together in concert tour. His third on their outside as they raised by us the first time a very headstrong friends coding. He knows next, then crowded trade risk taking in behind them Ram on the good side of Rombauer and then on vital honor, and the early trailer is keep me in mind as the Derby winner, Medina Spirit leads them through this first quarter mile and into the clubhouse turn that first quarter was 23. And 3/5 seconds, and the lead is just a half a length outside midnight. Bourbon continues to press the pace in second as they go to the backstretch. These two or 12, then not the inside comes proud of trade and on the far outside concert tour is 2.5 lengths behind as they continue through this half mile in 46.93 seconds. So Medina spirits the leader. He's off the rail, though, and friends go Davina has slipped through on the inside The words from Japan is only connect back. Midnight. Bourbon is next to then Rombauer, who's close up and on his outside comes concert tour, So they make their way around the far turn. Medina Spirit and John Velasquez have the lead as a Rod Ortiz and midnight bourbon continued to press three quarters and 1 10.97 seconds. Friends go to Nina Starts to retreat. Rombauer grabs third concert tour comes up on the far outside. But he's not keeping up with this stage. Midnight Bourbon grabs the lead from Medina Spirit and their stride for stride on director That's French Medina Spirit fights on on the outside midnight bourbon. The rap power is rolling up to them coming by the eight ball hit is no Rombauer storming to the front taking over from midnight. Bergen with Nina's spirit has dropped back. Keep me in mind his fourth ram power and flabby and credit. Win the Preakness pulling away by foreign Lemire Midnight. Britain was second Medina Spirit has to settle for third. Keep me in. My was for the final time. One minute 53 prefects seconds. Welcome.

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