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Mayor latoya Cantrell has declared an emergency the city's Tramaine neighborhood got about eight and a half inches of rain in three hours Wednesday and more is on the way it is still too soon to tell what the impact will be but it is never too early to prepare what they're preparing for the storm that is developing out over the Gulf of Mexico and it could make for a very difficult weekend for that part of the country CBS news meteorologist David Parkinson Louisiana's absolutely in the bull's eye of the storm but because it hasn't really form yet it's what we're calling a potential tropical cyclone too because it's got all the the markings there hasn't form yet until it fully forms we don't really have a good idea exactly where it's going to go so there is still a part of Texas it's in the conning concern if you're on the eastern side of that cone you're now talking about Mississippi and Alabama CBS news update I'm but Michigan this is news radio nine fifty W. dot J. news time two thirty two a Detroit man has been arraigned in the sexual assault of a sixty seven year old woman in Romulus W. dubb J. newsradio nine fifties Brooke Allen has details testicular say thirty nine year old Christopher Moore came to the victim's store on June thirtieth told her he worked for a company that assisted senior citizens once he was inside prosecutors allege more assaulted the woman he's charged with criminal sexual conduct bond was set at half a million dollars Brooke Allen WWJ newsradio nine fifty U. S. labor secretary Alex Acosta says the when he was a federal prosecutor in Florida his office acted appropriately when it came to the secret plea deal offered to hedge fund manager Jeffrey up steam a decade ago in a molestation.

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