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Although to get a really good one but and that bred machine i can a guy that fifty sixty different kind to bread i can make pasta i can make a guy can they meet low i can make yeah waste all these big yard keyboard to make them a art abad and they had not as complicated to make gives you think the me give you know the have you ever made sour crowd you like sharpe i like i like sharpe and people pay you know you have like borders hadn't companies i got carr should father six dollars for bag a sour crowd do you know cheap but is to make out and now he's years you would be greedy and some sour crowd art yeah but shh water and soft that kid now that helps you should queens you know right get caught up acab rich and those strengths you know what the coverage it enjoy art with i did outdoors in the sun with just regular supreme water and two so they knew leaving out there for a few weeks they're many recipes for soccer it's always you to make so much pressure and tissue when you may get yourself because all it is is for man did cabot that's what so we should to make people spend so much money for here's another one do you sure rated but they don't make like hash rounds you buy those pre made you don't have to do had a good look we're not believe couple of he's a potato in there and suddenly they have bad enough probably shredded so they could become up hash browns i get all i knew it in there but you know they're stick it in the queens not get it i think a little patients have a mixed those together rob little oil in the band i like you know you take your pick what you're like don't use all of oil not recommend.

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