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Breaking news center America will stand another shooting at a school in Wisconsin this time in Oscar walked out of the class because we heard some screaming and then after like two minutes she ran back into the classroom and she's like everybody needs of it exactly right now for the second time in twenty four hours a school district dealing with an officer involved shooting this time at Oshkosh west high school W. T. it is Mike Spaulding live in the breaking news center with the latest air police said the shooting took place about nine o'clock this morning after a student approach to school resource officer with an unidentified weapons the student officer bowl for heard we were the only two injured in the incident both have since been taken to a hospital for evaluation there's Oshkosh police officer Kate made a big deal we're not that big of a city we know pretty much everyone in the city and that we know this affects a lot of people in our community the school is still on lockdown if you've actuation procedures continues students and parents are being reunited at a nearby middle school a long line of parents now snaking outside of Tipler middle school into the parking lot there right now in Oshkosh with their reuniting with their children who attend Oshkosh west we do expect to hear from police again at some point today we will let you know when we get more details on that meanwhile the shooting in Oshkosh comes a day after an officer involved shooting at Waukesha south high school a seventeen year old shot after pointing a handgun at police that teenager now recovering in the hospital we do expect an update from Waukesha police on this matter this afternoon coming up at one thirty and if we can do so we intend to bring that to you live right here on WTMJ another medical profession are involved a medical professional involved in the nation's opioid crisis is now headed to preserve the four year old Dr Daryl right heart faces up to twenty years in prison and a one million dollar fine after pleading guilty to over prescribing opioids the Columbia Tennessee doctor lost five patients the fatal overdoses in ten months Brian bends Kaski is an assistant US attorney we're stopping corrupt medical professionals in their tracks right heart was one of thirty two Tennessee medical professionals charged with crimes related to over prescribing opioids Jim chrysalis CBS news news about your money U. S. stocks have plunged today on Wall Street on president trump's comment that he has no deadline to reach a trade deal with China the president in London he says he might wait until after the twenty twenty election after W. E. L. I'm not signing a deal the president attended the NATO summit in London New terrace on one hundred and fifty six billion dollars worth of Chinese goods including smart phones and laptops are scheduled to take effect later this month CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger says who's more uncertainty one of the problems that we have seen with the economy this year is that businesses have been reluctant to make big spending decisions and that can be directly attributed to the fact that they have no understanding of whether or not trade wars will continue or even escalate they down one point was down more than four hundred right now down three seventy one the nasdaq down eighty one in the S. and P. down twenty nine in mid day trading the brewers will look quite different next season and we're not just talking about the logo is on the hands to starters from last year's playoff roster are gonna Mike Moustakas in yes money ground bell brewers actuating toes met poly says the team decided to shake things up isn't a major surprise what they had wasn't good enough this past season so they want to retool the roster now they have the payroll flexibility to be able to do that but it's also kind of a gamble because there's no guarantee that they're going to be able to sign these players maybe they want to sign in free agency or make the deal that they want to make with other teams the team was able to reach a one year deal to keep Orlando RC on the roster Travis although gone brewers.

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