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Burning in the northern part of cinema county anywhere between five hundred thousand acres and we're doing mandatory evacuation sergeant one Valencia with the cinema sheriff's department this man was stunned when the flames moved it seems like something we're always prepared for it's something that is becoming almost routine here in cinema county during the season and stuff but it's terrifying to know that like I'll even as much as we're prepared as much as we think about it we try to prepare it kind of happens out of no where PGA any has begun rolling blackouts to try to minimize the chances of new fires the utility Scott strand falls as powers been shot off to almost one hundred eighty thousand homes and businesses this combination of of when low humidity and dry fuels on the surface is leading to conditions that according to the National Weather Service could produce extreme fire behavior CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez Minnesota's trusted station for news whether you Starkey threo WCCO all the radio dot com station this is American morning from Westwood One news coming up trump claims big success along the Turkey Syria border this was an outcome created by us the United States and nobody else on to remove the president's personal attorney argued in court that he can't be investigated for anything even if you shot someone I'm Steve casting ballots tell you why I'm Jim Moret I get that I'm not the ideal messenger for this right now Facebook's mark Zuckerberg grilled on Capitol Hill over his crypto currency collaboration I am DJ Contini with what this and baseball have in common nationals get a curly W. gets fifty and an elf I'm not a word with our political differences are in the spotlight is Jim Bohannon talks to author Joseph died we're back after these messages I'm going to Bab or not and I treat pain was a long pause before you take anything for back or joint pain I recommend applying topical pain relievers first like salon boss lady came batch salon pas line agape.

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