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So one day this is after I became a broadcaster. We're in Los Angeles, and he lived there and so he comes up and he's visiting type and I in the booth and he comes walking and his gutters. Giants jacket is Giants hat on, and you could tell me he'd been wearing this hat out. He'd wear that every day. So he comes walking in there and we're sitting there talking in. And just about that time here comes with a sort of walking down the hallway. And he pokes his head in as he pokes his head in to say, Let us and start giving us grief My father and not turn around. He goes generally shiner. I know the Dodgers sort of looked at me, and he just started laughing his ass off. And, you know, I mean, there's not a whole whenever I got to go with that, you know, but he never let me forget that. Oh, my God. Well, how would I would expect the Giants fans to have loved That's what he brought to the The rivalry mean he would stand the flames and he did in a way that was fun, and we all love the boom and I'm gonna miss him. I really am. Little after sob. He was It was the last time I was a Dodger Stadium. We were walking in the booth. You know, they dropped me off my golf cart and walking in the Vin Scully booth, and here comes the sort of and you get five or six guys around. We always had a An entourage with him and he comes driving in. He's in one of those little scooters. You have a Costco. You write it if you handicap so he's got one of those, and he's got a little bad your flag on it. What? Not And he comes walking up and he's looks, amigo, I go, Tommy, I go, man. You're my idol one. He was 91 years old at the time, and I said Tommy here my life. Why am I here at I l am I right away, said Did you know that guy I ever met Emilio? He goes would not, but if you want by me Hmm. I'll give you one more score. I know you guys got time to take time. But you're on a roll. Go 1986. I make one All Star Game One All Star team in 13 years of 1986. It's in Houston. I don't know if you remember the guys that used to People. He was just a fan. But what his stick was, he would put on a uniform. Ah basketball uniforms, and he would just sort of getting the layup line just out of nowhere. And, uh, Well, and he did this in every sport, you know. So here we are in Houston is batting practice and you know, I'm nationally exiting and I'm in the outfield left field, talking to Fernando Valenzuela. And also whose voice to my right and here's this guy walking and he's got a Mets uniform on. I don't know who he is. And the guy comes walking because he listen, guys, uh, I'm not here to hurt you. I'm just here to kind of be part of it. And, uh, you know, I just, You know, this is kind of what I do. I'm a super fan. And please don't make a big deal out of it about that time. The sort of who was one of Lady Herzog's coaches for the All Star Game is over the first base dugout. He starts walking across the field Now batting practice is going on. He comes walking right across in front of the screen of the pitcher's mound, but you're still throwing baseballs. Your meatballs and the sword is like invisible and all said he gets around. We're shortstop is on his path out to left field where we're standing, and he starts cussing up a blue streak at this guy. And it was bosses as he hit the shortstop position walking towards left field, Fernando says To me, this is going to be entertaining. Sure, not. He comes walking out and he's wearing this guy out. I swear to God, by the time he got out to the field, this guy was crying. And you could hear him yelling These guys been a whole lifetime trying to get to this pickle. This is their stage. And how dare you come in here and buy, you know? And by saying that he would have 15 expletives. Just sort of wrapped around and he dressed this guy down. I never heard custom like that. And finally, about time you got out there. He was blue in the face. He had worked up a sweat. The guards had come out there taking this guy off the field as he turn around and walk away. Aziz. The guy was taken away. We'll sort of looked at me and Fernando goes. How'd I do? No damn Good job down. Good. No, that's awesome, Man. Classic. That is awesome Way. Want to get your perspective as a zoo? Always. It was awesome to hear for you doing okay? Very good. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I just in your waiting room is the one we really are going to start baseball. But, you know, it's just kind of a royal limbo on stand under the radar, trying to abide by the rules. Getting past this thing. We'll have baseball. We will have fans in the stands at some point this year. And we will get back to normalcy during this season. Some point that's my That's my hope. That is awesome. That is awesome. Hey, thank you So much for everything. We'll talk to you soon and happy New Year to you guys. Thanks for having me on Happy New Year. Thank you. There is that's why I don't do that. Don't tell Tommy stories, you know. I mean, we got we're gonna play the vodka with some point, but I just you know about your performance. That's that's the classic Do All right. I got, you know, write their parents. Travel day work with the Oakland A's for a long, long time. And Tony LaRussa is gonna join us at 11 15 to talk about Tommy and they went up against each other in the 88 World Series. Probably Tommy's greatest moment is a manager. Upsetting the mighty Oakland days after being the mighty match and a tough one for Tony. But Tony's got great two stories and admiration for Tommy. So we'll hear from turn of the wrist in 11 15 Dave parent. I knew for your long time known about what Tony and Sandy and Andy dollars in the age back then, and he went to work for Michael Milken and a Cap Cure foundation. Michaels worked, Theo. Find out about prostate cancer and men. Obviously around the All Star game they travel. Dusty Baker was involved in that Joe Torey and Dave traveled with Tommy Lasorda for a long, long time, So Mike knows him as the manager of the Dodgers. You know, Mr Dodger? They've got to know him traveling with him away from all that, and he's got Amazing stories about about Tommy. So a day fair and from the cap cure, and Michael Milken's organizational join us coming up. We'll do that. Coming up next on again As a pop said Make an appointment for Tony LaRussa did about 11 15. We'll talk more about Tommy Spot in London. Your Friday only here on the SportsCenter. You're smart speaker is a radio. You here, Papa in London home. Just say to.

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