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Material left behind and again, that is a B C's Jason Nathan Sin will continue to follow that story and get the latest for you here on KFBK. Traffic and weather together for you right now. We'll head over to the cave to cave traffic Center Anding half right, Goodbye, Fix 50 calm and checking out the roadways He's found Can't really heavy in midtown around the Marconi cover you want. Let me give you a 13 minute ride from 50 to 80 once get to the split another eight minutes after Douglas Boulevard. It's been very nice out there all afternoon. Downtown L grove South found. It's gonna be 12 minutes and I've five and 14 minutes on 99. I'm going to Folsom 20 minutes. He's found 15 again. Just getting out of the downtown area Past 99 is what takes all that time. A lot of that time, then it's smooth sailing all the way out to Folsom Boulevard. 17. That is out to Woodland North bound. I've fivesome heavy traffic coming. The other directions have found as you head toward Airport Boulevard downtown Davis. Westbound 80 10 minutes and again. I gotta tell you across the top of town thinks slowing down on eastbound 80 right after west El Camino all the way to just past North Gate. Your SP $1 had work. Rebuilding California's roadways. Caltrans is enhancing US Highway 50 from the Eye. Five interchange to one Avenue in Sacramento. Visit, fix 50 dot com for project details and sign that for project alerts, traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons from the Cap trust traffic center. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Thanks, Dana. Now let's check your cave became forecast. Tonight We'll see Clear skies A low of 50 to 54 4 Tonight, tomorrow and Friday. Mostly sunny skies A high tomorrow 84.

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