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Of the Wall Street. Colonel This is watch welcome back on Paul Zhigo with bill mcgurn and Kim Strassel and just continue with this point about bribery. Kim My understanding of Of what the founders said a thought was that they They thought that bribery. Van As now Is An exchange of quid pro quo. Something actually tangible and real value bribe you take the cash you take something something really significant and in this case there was no trump asked for the investigation he never got it. There was no quo and even even if he got the investigation started. There'd be a real question about whether it was in fact valuable enough to qualify visor quo and I say that because he started investigation. You have no idea where it's GONNA go. You don't know if you're gonNA actually going to be you're gonNA find something is GonNa matter so it's pretty gauzy definition of any even if there had been an investigation started. Well tell tell you. What if if Democrats get their way and defining this as bribery? There's going to be a lot of diplomats around the entire world. That ought to be very very scared because I mean look. The reality is here that every time we engage in some sort of negotiation or discussion with a foreign country there there is often some exchange of something You know we do withhold aid to different countries on the basis of their behavior. We're We we lay out to them. I say you have a corruption problem. I I know we do this often. For instance in African countries ever corruption problem. We WanNA help you. We want to give you this. I stopped to help. But you have to prove to us that it's not going to be going into the pockets of some general somewhere but it's that it's actually going to get to the to the services that we are providing getting it for so there are all kinds of situations now. Democrats are an attempt trying to criminalize this kind of discussion Mick Mulvaney Mick. Mulvaney talked about this a little bit in that in artful press conference. He did where he didn't do a very good job of it where he basically said. There's always an element of a give and take in diplomatic negotiations Then the question becomes are they being done for the good of the country or are they being done for the good of a personal presidential goal. Sometimes those are also completed which makes it it complicated But then in addition about the value as you say and traditionally in all of our presidents in legal precedents information is. It's not considered a thing of value. Certainly not under the under the campaign finance laws that I as I understand them all right I mean I think that Maybe the most damage in this Friday hearing in terms of impeachment was done by Donald Trump with his which is tweet other than that we shall we shall see. Let's move onto the Democratic presidential campaign which has been shaken up in the last week Michael Bloomberg suggesting gesture he may get in Yet and is now higher. said to be hiring staff. He's talking to people about his campaign saying he's not going to run in the first four contests as New Hampshire Iowa Nevada and South Carolina instead. Everything on Super Tuesday which is on a March third. I believe this week March. And now we get divall Patrick former two-term governor of Massachusetts who who says I'm the answer to the democratic. Needs here I am going to run. The other. Candidates are are just You know saying my way or the highway. I'm the perfect. Golden mean candidate who can unite. The parties factions getting in late Kim very late. Is this a plausible entrant. I I don't I just don't see that I I know there are a lot of people making the case that somehow he hits a whole bunch of sweet spots that nobody else does governor. Patrick but I just when I look at him and I look at his positions governance. He's generally another progressive entering a sea of progressives. I'm not quite sure how. He distinguishes himself from a lot of the at this moment lower ranked kind of or second tier candidates antedates that are out there and then you add. In addition the fact that he's behind in terms of a ground game in these four early crucial states and in terms of fundraising as oppose the only thing. He could argue. Is that With all these senators running around most of whom never run anything that he does have some executive experience experience. That could be something he could point to that but I'm not quite sure. That's big enough. Distinguisher Yeah I. I think he's got a nice resume. Bill he's except for. I guess in Democratic primaries he's worked at Bain capital which anything in a Democratic primary these days with word capital is not is not good and particularly one associated with Oh Mitt Romney in the past but I. I have a hard time seeing how this he's any different than Amy Klobuchar or a or a cory booker any of these in terms of his message I think you're right in terms of the message. Look one one thing is different. And he's an African American. who was a governor? You know not a lot of those around I I see these people as more either he could be a vice presidential candidate if he got there or he like Mayor Bloomberg for Mayor Bloomberg they can ruin it for someone else. I mean but it's a big hurdle because they're not going to be in this debate next Tuesday so the debate after that they keep ratcheting up the requirements Minson. I don't know whether it's four percent percent for December for December that's that's GonNa be a lot of a lot to To achieve so if they don't they don't don't really get their message out there And I don't know how they I for both men. I think that will be a challenge. All right let's move onto Elizabeth Warren on Is was criticized by some Millionaires and billionaires Including Leon Liane coppermine democratic billionaire. WHO's moving to Florida from the northeast to escape taxes? Also she he criticised she's got a new ad out criticizing copper men and Lloyd blankfein that corn for the former co Goldman. Sachs Peter Thiel of the financier venture capitalist who supported Donald Trump and Joe Ricketts. WHO has a new book out He's the founder of Ameritrade And and she specifies them by name and by their faces and basically attacks them as as people who are ah relatively unsympathetic. In case of coppermine. She's flashes on the ad that he's guilty of insider trading and in Blankfein. It's he made a killing during the financial crisis. So what do we. What do we make of this I mean I guess. She's She she wants to run against billionaires is going to be the center piece of her campaign. Kim Yeah and it's a rough ad and clear goal here is to focus this Rage on a specific target which are wealthy Americans and I think she's doing it for a couple of reasons. One in the clear purpose purpose of her ad is to drum up support or give rationale to her wealth tax which she is proposing on higher income Americans. But ah I think the other point of this is just. It's this is Pure Elizabeth Warren populism which is what she has been running on since the beginning of her campaign and she got into this race in essence to be a the liberal version of Donald Trump and go after a bunch of those so called forgotten voters and people who feel alienated Leonid from the system and this is one way of doing it to try to focus their anger on on wealthier Americans. I'm not quite sure we know yet if that work because you know it's one thing to say government elite Sir stacked against you I. It's another I mean. I'd like to think a lot of Americans still believing even success and admire it to a certain degree. Well I'm struck bill to by the fact that coppermine and Blankfein are to liberal Liberal Democrats Maga's coppermine maybe more centrist. But by fine I I know him a little bit. He's a liberal. Okay he has all the virtuous positions nations on everything that you know you would think of a New York Democrat and yet he has that has not spared him from the slings narrows of Elizabeth Warren. And I it's that's a to me that It doesn't matter with her. She's she's going after anybody who is going to be a an easy target and as wealthy and there's gotta there's a Hook there her where she can get at them for some alleged perfidy or her an hour or simply e e e rich while the latter parts big part of remember burning declared. There shouldn't be billionaires right so he had this crazy situation. We're Tom Steiner. And other billionaire Democrats seem to attract the billionaire as even as they say they shouldn't exist and Thomas Tires saying no one should fly. This guy is so rich. And he's Flying Commercial Bernie's taking bribes. It's a crazy easy situation but I think there is a logic to it first of all. It's the logic to Elizabeth Warren Right. I mean instead of just. We're going to tax the rich. We're going to tax billionaires two cents that Sir their their their assets their income right two cents on the dollar. What what their their wealth? So I think it also also made the way that went up substantially. It's now I think six six. PM You know clearly. Her numbers don't add up and even the people in our own party are attacking her for. I expect on Tuesday night at the debate. She'll be attacked for that again. This may be a distraction just focus. I Hate Billy. I'm I'M GONNA get it from billionaires away to reassure people. I'm just looking at the rich and if I have a problem with the numbers I'll just raise the taxes. You say I mean I. That's that's why I think the Bloomberg entries interesting because I I I don't think he can win. But he may be able to ruin it for her depends on where he focuses. Advertising Fire Fire Bloomberg said Kim. He's going to spend a hundred million dollars right off the Bat In an ad campaign against Donald Trump. No doubt that'll be targeted in swing states. But the question in my mind is is. You'RE GONNA spend one hundred million targeting Elizabeth Warren if he gets in the race yet well he's he's going to have to look at me and I think one thing that's interesting about Michael Bloomberg and this gets to your point is that Despite the press talking a lot about the the centrists in race versus the progressives in the race the whole Democratic Party has really shifted left over the past four or five years. I mean dramatically and that includes the Joe Biden. Joe Biden's up there saying he's going to shutdown fracking with the best of them This is a dramatic departure. I think Bloomberg is GonNa look much more you're like In some ways in some areas a kind of old fashioned democratic centrists will see how that plays..

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