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Perfect. So we're out Star Wars. There's so many. Did yours anyway. But yeah, I mean, John Williams, he's I think he's the godfather of music composition for film, especially years. He is he's he's he's definitely a crazy amazing. All right. Your turn my friends. This is fun. There will be blood Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead. That's a great choice. I am not the biggest fan at the movie. The score is incredible. It's haunting. No again. I just think it's just really. An unexpected score. You know, I love going into film and noticing the score Nana bad way, especially from like an alternative artist. You know, he's a terrorist. Right. Exactly. No. Yeah. He's the scores that he does are are really well written and really well orchestrated. Just you know, it doesn't sound like a guy from a rock band doing a score. You know? He does his homework. He really puts a lot of work into it stage for me because you do composition. So like you have a movie like the sequence the sequence where the oil rig explodes. Exactly. And he's running to the candidate. Like as a and I'm not saying put yourself in his feet of how he did that seem but some kind of action or dramatical sequence that like again, this is going to tell stupid. I actually don't even know how do you write music for four that especially when it's like not just like a lot of IRA Songa and things, but it's like all these like what what would your process be? But I'm genuinely fascinating..

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