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Back. Final hour and toys. Great to 'em this show final hour. I should say with michael collins who will be front and center this week at the second major of the year at kiawah michael. It's been too long. I'm we we. We might as well start with every other every guest we'd had added. Forget golf asking you about whether you think tim tebow is going to make the jacksonville jaguars. Good afternoon on. Though good to hear your voice man and that is a that is hilarious. Decide that way too. I mean i saw him not too long ago At a golf tournament. So it's funny like a guy. I'm not gonna lie like this dude. He brings more heat with stuff that he does. Especially now that this jacksonville talking about it like that could regardless if he makes the team or not which. I don't think he's gonna make the but just think about the the fact that we're talking about the fact that people are talking about jacksonville both good and bad. It's like there's no such thing as bad press. I wasn't who said barnum and bailey do came. Ripley's believe it he said there's no such thing as bad press and that's if even if that's what this move was because for some reason table is so polarizing you know and you're talking to a dude that lives in gainesville florida and so like if i do the local gainesville radio show and like make a little people joke man like people come pitchforks and burning stakes. They get better you. It's crazy the emotions that one dude gets out of people who when you just sit and talk to him you kinda like even then you're even more i mean you you. You sat together with people like he's talked to the guy you like. How could i say why people get so crazy about this like. He's just a down to earth guy decades. It's not right like you wanna be a quarterback and then he wanted to try playing baseball and now he thinks he can just be tight end and stuff like that like you know in the long run how it all work out like. Why did everybody still say they go crazy. And then five years from now. Hey remember when we got all crazy about 'em tibo v incited. Yeah i was having a bad week. Can you imagine michael You know if. Tim tebow the to play professional golf. I mean what what you're going to hear in the locker room every week. It will be craig actually no no throughout the complete golf world. People would just be like good luck with that. You know like when jerry rice tried to turn pro right can then and well. You don't say like so in the gulf. Were the only people that will go. Crazy would be people from the any. Sec golfer they would be the only one that would lose their mind and everybody else would be like. Okay good luck man. You'll be can't in a week and a half that that might make news. If tim tebow decide. I want to be a professional academy. Then it would be like whoa wait Based on what you did you've done. I mean look what it did for you. Being a pga tour catty. I mean you're the face of golf on. Espn but you know for teaboy. You've gone the other way. Oh do fallen from terrible now. He's caddying on the pga tour. Poor guy made some bad investments. Some okay so michael. Let's turn the page to key. And you tell me. I know who's one at their in the past. I know who's hot. But the michael collins Indicators says what so the michael kalos indicator even though i am the type of person that will say look what someone did nine years ago has no bearing whatsoever on today and even the golf courses complete not completely it is different than what it was the last time that we were here and the weather's gonna be completely different as well. All of that being said rory mcilroy comes into this week off a great win in charlotte and this is the second major of the year where he does not have demons unlike the first major at a year where he's got a lot of demons so you add all those things up and then take into account well. Dj's not playing that great brooks kept. The still doesn't look good. He's to miss dinner and his niece still not a hundred percent. We don't think so you add all of those things up and you go It's kinda hard to bet against rory right now. It's just hard to bet against roy. Because he just he seems to be in such a good place on the golf course. And i've talked to him today. The i've taught me him and his caddie harry Just had a great conversation. We are talking about the vaccine you know and traveling and stuff so he's in such a good mind space and it's game is in a great spot. The only guy honestly that i think that pop in like the shocker to some people would be a guy named charles schwartz all really and if the name rings a bell because he won the master's back in the day and this dude i sat and talked with him at the arnold palmer and he was talking about how he was playing. Really good golfer. Just the score wasn't there and so he just wasn't making a lot of putts but that being said i kept telling him patience. I know it's hard for golfer but if you're patient the putts are going to start falling and wouldn't you know. He teamed up with louis hazen. They went into a playoff that they lost in new orleans and last week. Coming down the stretch. He had a chance to win as well even though he didn't win he finished in second place in this dude. He's playing so good for so long. Now that the potters all and he's a guy nobody's talking about. That could really sneak in there and make people go Never saw him coming. Michael before you go and ask you about a guy who is not there but Everyone still thinks about it. And i you know all these guys so this there may be a very easy. Answer this question but you know since tiger woods is crash i mean. We've seen a picture of him. We we've read a couple of tweets but we haven't really seen anything else what's going on you know what it's all about recovery and that the hardest part when it comes. The tiger is time because we are not used to being told. You're going to have to wait and with tiger. That's what this is all about..

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