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Gonna sit out for a year no way. I mean after watching. What happened with. Andre david also so far in watching what happened with where he lorenzo. He's not gonna sit out at least not with the serious intent to come back embrace in two thousand twenty three. He won't be relevant at that point. I mean we've already seen that happened to multiple riders now so if it probably is his only option for next season. Then it's going to be one or two choices. He the racist for them. Where he pulls a casey stoner any bills before you even turns twenty seven and obviously the odds are strongly on him wanting to continue racing. Which means a really a bud. You never know. I mean if maverick is feeling particularly moody maybe he just watched a bunch of videos of lynn jarvis or something. Then i wouldn't totally rule out the ladder of him. Saying you know what you're gonna throw my hands in the air. I'm done i don't like the media anymore. I don't like the circus anymore. I don't like you know trying to battle with my manufacturer anymore. I'm just gonna take my money and go sit on a beach somewhere and again. I'm not saying. I think that's going to happen. I think he's going to raise for appropriate but there is that one little percent of a chance. Maybe he draws a line in the sand digs its heels in and says no for better for worse. Take him balling going home or go the world superbike or something like that. I'm alright so that does it for the motor. Gpo news now. Let's move on to some of your comments and obviously a few of you wanted to talk about maverick vanilla and we'll get back around to him in a minute. I i wanna start with chris over on facebook who looking at the second half of the season in light of the first part of our midseason review kind of ask the general question of. Hey who is your favorite right now in the championship. Fabio charro or johann zarco and. He wasn't just asking me. He was asking everybody which is good. Because i really don't have a preference per se. I just wanted to be an exciting battle down to the wire. I wanna see valencia and import amount. Make 'em whatever other race is at the end of the year Make a real difference in the championship. I would love to have it come down to the final lap but that being said i absolutely think it would be a bigger surprise a much. Bigger surprise is zarko. Wanted for sure. Satellite team a writer. That was one hundred percent on the outs barely hung onto asleep moto. Gp by pretty much sucking up his pride and going to eventually it will be quite the story for sure and not just quite the story for johann zarco but for do too because they throw him a lifeline. They did him a favor by giving him that seat. And right now he's paying the back of course who knows what's going to happen when we get down to the end of the season if the factory writers are involved how that's all going to work out but if it truly does come down zarco and fabio quarrel and zarko where the win the championship. Not only would he be vindicated but do cardi would look like geniuses to now of course the flip side of that coin is fabio winning in his first. Try on the factory team. That would be huge. That would immediately peg him as a potential challenger or successor to marc marquez. Atop the sport but it would certainly be less of a surprise overall for a factory yamaha rider to win the championship especially one with wins under his belt. Already both riders. They'll do for me carry longer term questions about consistency into the second half based on their recent history. Because no matter how awesome. They've looked so far. There is a chance that either one of those riders or both really could stumble in the second half so that it also means there's an opportunity for some other writers to enter the fray potentially as well and not just including both of the factory. Do kati riders. But i would there. Miguel olivera in there. And maybe even someone like joanne mir as well and of course we'll talk about a majority of those riders coming up here when we get to the second half of the show. I'm all right so now. Let's talk about some silly season stuff. Tim over on. Facebook said that a dutch website kind of added some fuel to the fire started by kevin schwantz last week or the week before that suggesting some sort of defacto swap between yamaha and suzuki where maverick fan. Y'all as woodhead home to the star team and then alex rin's would vacate the seat for vanilla is to come in by making the move over to yamaha taking over the petronas spike. They created by franken morbidelli after he gets promoted to the factory team now. The dutch site said that they kept an eye on maverick the entire him weekend and notice that there were multiple occasions where he wandered down the paddock and was seen having serious conversations with some of the people at zucchini and they thought not a whole lot of it at the time. But then in the wake of the kevin schwantz suggestion if auto. Hey maybe there's something to this. And i will admit that. Yeah it does. Spur on some interest here in certainly some speculation but i still see that kind of scenario as one. That's very unlikely the play out mostly because there are so many moving parts. I mean you've gotta get to manufacturers into xueqian yamaha. Three modo gp teams into factory level riders to all agree to the same set of terms. And what the span of. Maybe a month or month and a half. That's hard enough to begin with. And i think the biggest roadblock here is the fact that the relationship between suzuki and rennes is in the bab one. I mean we haven't even really seen any friction. at all. between suzuki and alex rennes. let alone. The kind that we've seen not just this season but over the past couple of seasons with maverick venezuela's in yamaha. So where's the motivation on that side to break a contract early you know. And that's not a one sided thing. Either i mean in that scenario. It's not like suzuki picks up the phone and says to alex runs. Hey you've been traded the maha. I mean it's not a football team. You know both sides would have to agree that this is the best thing to do for their respective futures. Just maverick in yamaha did. And because of that. I'm not exactly sure if i'm alex. Rinse why. I would willingly agreed to leave a factory team to go to a yamaha satellite bike. That has a grand total of one podium in eighteen combined races this year. So it's good for everybody except for alex rennes. But that's not good enough. It has to be good for everybody across the board to get all of those respective parties to agree. So well that's might be the perfect one for maverick vanilla. He might be all in on that. I if i'm being perfectly honest i think rizzoli over petronas would love to have alex rings on board you know they could easily get back to that place. Patrol was at in twenty twenty. But unfortunately i think this is yuki side would be the hold up making something like that happen. Because i don't think suzuki really wants to break contract with a rider that they really have no serious problem with and more importantly. I don't think that alex rene's is going to willingly. Demoted himself. Just to make maverick. Penola is happy now at the end the next year..

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