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Welcome in to the celtics last podcasts. Here's always with dr. Lynn announce valberg. I'm to by after historic collapse against orleans pelicans to say the least celtics continued to struggle to break through for their cycle of mediocrity with boston stuck on the treadmill. The question is this who is to blame brought on special guests. Evan valenti to sort through the noise haven't just off air said that the discourse is nauseating so perhaps he can keep us calm here. Evan how are you. I'm not nauseating out some good Everything's good Young healthy. I have a roof over my head on my family and friends. Real healthy That particular guard is fine. I don't know if you guys i mean. We all check the twitter sphere in raw online all day. I i can't stand the tapes. I really can't and it's just like is you have a hot tape right. You can't just come out with this medium. Luke warm like you know like level headed stuff you have to. You have to be bold. You have to be brass it. You have to come up with some ridiculous excuse. As to why. The suffolk started performing at thirteen and fifteen. And like as we all try and piece takes together. The actual takers like there's a little bit of land that could go around the entire and you can. You can really just been like. Yeah so this is a rostrum. Major issue is is a somewhat coaching issue. This is a guys aren't healthy. Issue is this defense is terrible issue like this whole lot to go around here. If there was one simple answer it probably would have been fixed by now one number right guys. It's never really that simple. It's usually more complicated net. So like the just. The amount of be asked that i see all over. The place is just absolutely killing me at this point in end. The problem is us consumers of media. Just eat it all up all day in just get our own takes off the dock so just a compounding problem kelsen Week last week. We had the rifts man on all following the risk man. i'll just say the risk men offered some great wisdom in terms of keeping it real and kind of maintaining. I'm sorry to let down your audience. After electric gas says audience of eleven people. We are the audience. Well so yeah. He tried to keep things calm. And i think alex. And i really up kool-aid glad to have you back because it has been pretty troubling week. Some nice wins albeit against teams. The hawks pretty ugly losses. Some news. that marcus smart is going to be back for a while so evan. I think you're right You gotta have a take these days and celtics discourse but maybe basketball discourse has been lost in misguided. but that doesn't make for an exciting podcast so let's let's hand ring a little just at alex. How are you both doing offering list doing.

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