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All right well i wanna flugge hey if you haven't watched it is the montfort it's still feb debbie if you haven't watched the michael bolton's big sexy valentine's day special it is tis the season as a who my friend mary holland is in that and that was a fun folks that's on netflixing and also our rem podcast me and adam scott are you talking rem reimi weekly show if you listen to the you to show its us just basically doing rem now and it's on the same feeds so ellison listen that all right let's close of the all blood bag stand on the the girls dudes all the non back overnight but now knack murdoch book all right well what did you think about our survivors live at the very end that was a good good years didn't you bring a vibrant slap with we we gotta had it delivers only person at all time do by the way i do he may virus lap you by the end of this debbie how are you baby alley who i think exactly spelled b two because i want to figure out feel good luck with the tour i imagine i won't see you for the next three months but young have fun all try i guess i'll put one of those for every show just in case you show up do you want me to show up to the airport wish you could buy that'd be nice it'd be fun debbie i want to say thank you to you again to you.

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