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This <Speech_Male> is in the business <SpeakerChange> he's in. <Speech_Male> This is what we're seeing <Speech_Male> well <Speech_Male> to me. That's all <Speech_Male> very important, but I think <Speech_Male> most important <Speech_Male> chart. The piece <Speech_Male> to me is the one that <Speech_Male> goes up and <Speech_Male> down to zero, <Speech_Male> and I was thinking <Speech_Male> if <Speech_Male> we could take that chart <Speech_Male> and not <Speech_Male> label anything <Speech_Male> and show it to. <Speech_Male> Ten <Speech_Male> Independent Epidemiologists <Speech_Male> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> and tell them this is <Speech_Male> This is a <Speech_Male> record. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Male> Of Infection. <Speech_Male> Tell us <Speech_Male> where <SpeakerChange> we are <Speech_Male> on this. <Speech_Male> It's over. <Speech_Male> I mean. <Speech_Male> It's onto to the <Speech_Male> baseline, <Speech_Male> and and <Speech_Male> they haven't quite <Speech_Male> admitted that <Speech_Male> yet, but that that's <Speech_Male> what they should. <Speech_Male> There should realize, <Speech_Male> but I think <Speech_Male> should be announced. <Speech_Male> Why don't we <Speech_Male> announce today? <Speech_Male> It's essentially over, <Speech_Male> and it's <Speech_Male> come back to sanity <Speech_Male> because it was <Speech_Male> essentially never as <Speech_Male> bad as they claim. <Speech_Male> Although it <Speech_Male> was bad, because <Speech_Male> of some of the things <Speech_Male> that the way <Speech_Male> they were treated misunderstanding <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> how it was politicized, <Speech_Male> and yet <Speech_Male> there's lockdowns <Speech_Male> are now <Speech_Male> turning out to <Speech_Male> have been <Speech_Male> every bit, if not <Speech_Male> worse than <Speech_Male> the epidemic epidemic. <Speech_Male> So <Speech_Male> this is the <Speech_Male> reality of <Speech_Male> that has <Speech_Male> come about, but <Speech_Male> <hes> I <Speech_Male> think. Think that <hes> <Speech_Male> you know <Speech_Male> people will wake <Speech_Male> up and they are waking <Speech_Male> up and the epidemiologists <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> are coming. We were <Speech_Male> very impressed with the doctors <Speech_Male> in Houston <Speech_Male> three hospitals, <Speech_Male> saying <Speech_Male> that the headlines <Speech_Male> are not telling <Speech_Male> the story <Speech_Male> even in paper <Speech_Male> here. The headline <Speech_Male> was saying one thing, <Speech_Male> but the next line said <Speech_Male> something else <Speech_Male> that it wasn't nearly <Speech_Male> as bad as <Speech_Male> the headlines are saying, <Speech_Male> but I guess that's <Speech_Male> how that's <Speech_Male> how some people <Speech_Male> get people's <Speech_Male> attention, but <Speech_Male> also some people <Speech_Male> who C., C. <Speech_Male> support <Speech_Male> where people <Speech_Male> are intimidated and frighten <Speech_Male> as they please <Speech_Male> save me. We need <Speech_Male> to government who <Speech_Male> what do you? You mean you <Speech_Male> don't need the government <Speech_Male> for this. Well, <Speech_Male> they're not. <Speech_Male> They're not very <Speech_Male> good at practicing medicine. <Speech_Male> Matter of fact, that done <Speech_Male> a lousy job <Speech_Male> practicing <Speech_Male> medicine here <Speech_Male> and the more <Speech_Male> removed they are <Speech_Male> from the medical care <Speech_Male> system from the <Speech_Male> payment on down <Speech_Male> <hes> it <Speech_Male> it would be much <Speech_Male> better for all of <Speech_Male> us and I <Speech_Male> think truth is breaking <Speech_Male> out. It <Speech_Male> was way <Speech_Male> overblown <Speech_Male> were moving in the <Speech_Male> other direction at <Speech_Male> and yet the headlines <Speech_Male> haven't changed, <Speech_Male> but they are already <Speech_Male> preparing <Speech_Male> for the next crisis, <Speech_Male> the next <Speech_Male> virus, so be <Speech_Male> prepared. The <Speech_Male> totalitarians <Speech_Male> feel like they <Speech_Male> got foot in the <Speech_Male> door and. And they've <Speech_Male> had foothold <Speech_Male> in the door for a while, <Speech_Male> but it looks like <Speech_Male> up to their knee right <Speech_Male> now, and we need <Speech_Male> to do whatever we can <Speech_Male> to make sure <Speech_Male> that to totalitarians <Speech_Male> who <Speech_Male> believe that they have <Speech_Male> to run our lives <Speech_Male> and run <Speech_Male> the world, and <Speech_Male> that they know Westwood <Speech_Male> individuals <Speech_Male> do not know what's <Speech_Male> right for themselves. They don't know what's right for <Speech_Male> their children. It's <Speech_Male> on and on, <Speech_Male> so we need <Speech_Male> a better understanding <Speech_Male> and <Speech_Male> more confidence <Speech_Male> and more support <Speech_Male> for the principles <Speech_Male> of Liberty then <Speech_Male> we can move on <Speech_Male> to a society <Speech_Male> where we will have <Speech_Male> more peace and <Silence> more prosperity. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> I want to thank everybody <Speech_Male> for tuning in today to the Liberty Report. Please come back soon.

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