VW, Fraud, AMY discussed on Knowledge@Wharton - Can Corporations Be Held Morally Responsible?


Who was evolved what were the circumstances around it the as amy laid out in the in the bp case you know a bunch of little things kind of lead up to this grand disaster and where the responsibility truly lie should there actually be a person there should be a personal responsibility but should there be a moral responsibilities well while that's exactly at and the and the legal proceedings that you have with vw on with these other cases shows you why practically this philosophical issue matters so the question is do we is it okay to just say let's have a big judgment against vw as a company make them pay a huge penalty and that is that enough or as individual is what i call in the book individualist saw ethical fears would say no that that's completely not okay because you are essentially then this is the reverse of what i'm aiming his indicating your sensory leading all these people who really did the bad acts off the hook ray and sort pretending that by punishing a big or a auto company were getting that another good example of this on this as mentioned by craig smith introduction as the financial on the financial crisis area and what happened after that so what happened after that is very few if any actual human beings were convicted of crimes or punished for various allegations of out of financial fraud but you had very big large penalties paid by banks and other financial institutions that admitted to crimes and admitted to wrongs and paid huge amounts of damages the question is does that really help anything if you does that really helped to deter moral bad behaviour if you're just putting it on the shareholders of the banks and the and and you're letting the bank as an entity take the hit and not actually going to individuals and what just one footnote on that there has been actual policy change on that sally yates has become famous for other thing yet on more since then uh has a influential memo that change policy within the department of justice and said we are not as a matter of policy going to do that anymore we're only going to we're not going to pursue just the corporation or settle cases just with the corporation we must have individuals who are on the hook.

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