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Well, well. I moved out Tomo ripping springs and living in Austin, Texas, and moved out to driven straight to help my sister and I'll build the Austin Zoo out. It's a parent's had this property out there. And Susie, my wife and her sister lived out there and her sister was Raising goats, and then it turned into a zoo. So I looked dripping springs and built a house and out here in the hill country. There's no other source for water except for well water, and so I drilled a well and well Kyra Zeus leaving with a fistful of my dollars, says Mr Heineken. You have a lot of water there. That's a darn good. Well, the good flow and well, May I was so excited go in the house brand new house right and took a shower. Yeah. Hydrogen salt bite was so bad I almost threw up in the shower. And the water was so hard one Susie did the laundry. The Levi's could stand up in the corner and our hair stood out like fright. Wigs way say, man, We can handle this called a softener guy. So yeah, that's a pretty damn hard water there. You can put your tune tandem water softeners together. Oh, my God. So I looked into solutions, and I ran across a doctor who became a good friend. Mike McKelvin, who has started catching rainwater for his wife to really realize the well water out here. Basically pills pants. It chokes their leaves. If you spray it on the leaves, and carbon eyes is over, so they can't they suffocate. So he started rainwater pleasure for his wife's roses, and they flourished and this house flourish. He he got in tow, put it in his house. He flourished. He was a really advocate for it, and I met him and I became on myself. So I looked into the storage and found a fiberglass manufacture in Texas and ordered a fiberglass tank and put it in and road rule Goldberg job. It was all kind of new technology. Me, but just plumbing is all of us. It's just the water level. Water your gutters higher than the tank in France. It goes in by itself. Right? So I did that and hooked up a pump to it, and I took a shower and I was the happiest guy in the world. This soap just came right off it lathered up like you can't believe smelled wonderful. It frank. Good and the dishes instead of in Chocula suddenly became Clear. So my neighbor comes over and says God, what? You guys just buy some new dishes, and I said no. We just washing them and rainwater. Now I said, Oh, my God. Well, I've been by a new dishes every three years and a new dishwasher every three years. So I want that. So I called back the fiberglass guys. Hey, I don't want to be a distributor. And he said okay over this work a deal. So, so I was selling fiberglass tanks like crazy at that. Biggest tank salesman in the whole planet. I'd put in literally hundreds of these things, and I got 1000 people. We're relying on tank town is their source for rainwater filters and maintenance problem things. And so that's how it happened. Then one day I'm putting in these rain water systems. I have a crew guys and I'm filling up our water for consumption Toe. Keep cool. The whole crew. You know, in a way does it blew five.

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