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Getting closer we are getting closer we are almost there key we're almost through the week we're almost through super week we're getting ready for the on sunday night all of that is going to happen sue i can't wait i can't wait to see what's going on tonight too because every day has been a little bit better than the day before the city gets a little more full there's more things going on there's more people out it is it's getting warmer which is nice crazy tonight is crazy time tomorrow night is crazy time so you just gotta be keep you keep you keep you hills up i guess what they would say who says he'll actually i knew i know says i never mind i'm gonna keep my promise that i made you guys if the rams win the super bowl i'm getting a tattoo we've been through this of what and where get it where my wear keep your is over there down here that's already occupied oh man you grow so you'll need to keep telling us we attempt to that we wanna see she is i i never knew i had that one i just need to figure out exactly what kind of tattoo i'm going to get like the logo or you're gonna no no no no i'm saying what are you going to do that's rams the win you get a personal connected how i try to figure out i say matter i don't know you should just get the logo in the date that they want to super bowl a number how much they win by lose by rampage it's got to be a great time to rams the rams are certainly in for big tree know what else is the big tree kisha yes kaku early in the morning and travis cockatiel you and i had a great time last night plan a little bit of golf having a few cocktails yeah only light ding ding have having a few cocktails and enjoy life but it was it was we had a chance to seize your michael finley he was on whitfield easter law josh norman i mean everybody was hanging out and doing those sorts of things so you think about hanging out doing things in your life imagine maybe quiet imagine if you didn't have an opportunity to enjoy life for thirty eight years because you was locked behind bars wrong wrongfully convicted of murder who is a guy named frank clay was wrongly wrongfully convicted of murder in massachusetts been in jail thirty eight years thirty eight years from this man guess what wrongfully do it he didn't do it at all had nothing to do with it guess what they gave him a million dollars for thirty eight years would you do thirty years for million no i wouldn't do year for a million dollars game to probably patex no that's it thank you here we go we got thirty years you life that we take it from you we go only give you do they have social media in jail we know what i got okay so they could have seen the video that we posted earlier today of you even if he was still locked up yet that might get you locked up and if you don't know this video people just go to social media's there's my social media route groups i believe l z retweeted at keyshawn johnson e._s._p._n. l._a. travis talk what happened here we went to top golf last night and like he said we had a couple of drinks along the way we're having a good time and finding getting a little bit late nothing crazy starts to thin out a little bit so all of a sudden you and i had the opportunity to go take a few swats at it and you took a few few swings a little fewer pieces of contact swings but they're having a good yes we can tell was the first one you almost fell over when we've had tequila straight yes with no chaser no nothing you gotta remember after the show we have people who love i'm sorry turco's professor professor this is really checked up because not only did he get like this light sentence sixteen confused he get relieving steen yeah he was sixteen go into that but then they release them right san okay are bad are bad for the first seventeen months that didn't try to help him so he couldn't find a good job couldn't find housing he's on the street so he's basically cal sheriff he can't get a job even though he's it was wrongfully convicted i'm sitting here reading the story.

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