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And you didn't realize I didn't really knew what she was. But I didn't realize what she was. And the love affair. She had with her husband, and how strong she is in great mother. And this woman has done all that she's done just for the equality of women and people in general, she is unbelievable. Please watch this. We'll watch it. I I remember seeing a a adult film called masturbaters Ginsburg. I think it's a little different. But this is different little entirely different movie. Yes. Yeah. Is this was an actual documentary on Ruth, Bader Ginsburg. And she and by the way, they show young pictures of her hot. Oh my God. Stunning. Stunning. I was like you better work. First woman to be an all these different clubs. He wasn't the first supreme Justice, obviously, Sandra Day O'Connor, but she was the first woman in all of these different things through Columbia University. She was really unbelievable. The Diane Warren is nominated for an Academy Award for the same song which. Yes, since called I'll fight this is Diane. Warren's tenth Oscar nomination and all deserve it. I hope she wins. So many good songs. But yeah, I will. I will you saw on the plane. I saw it on the plane. Yeah. And I honestly didn't expect to be choked up. I kept crying. Yeah. And I'm not that girl. You know that? So it was like, whoa. Wow. That's how moving it isn't the company that did it whoever shot. It was brilliantly done the story was masterfully told and the relationship she had or with Justice Scalia like, you know, two opposing, but they just got each other really interesting stuff. So. Sure, you watch that. I also saw. Stars born when I was over there because you and I talked on tax, but I've been away for so long. We have talked about it. That was amazing. It was both of the relate the performances lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper was beautifully done. I am honestly offended that he was a nominated for best director because I think he did really beautiful job. He did a great job. But really, let's bohemian rhapsody. Did you see I never saw that real Rammie? Malik honest to God. The last twenty minutes is him not spoiling because you know, what happens is him play Live Aid. It is watching Freddie Mercury. And they of course, use, Freddie, mercury's voice. Yes. Okay. But it's Lou move by move authentic Remmy Malik. I think he's probably gonna win the Oscar will he is so good. He is so good. Oh my God. I was blown away cook my jaw was on the ground. 'cause it was watching Freddie because right after me like everybody else. I'm sure jumped on YouTube to watch that performance is it's like twenty minutes, and it was moved by move. And he said he studied Freddie, for a year and a half before he took the role, and it was so so so good police show. He really he fingered, Freddie. He FREDDY got fingered. Ringeard by Remmy is named Grammy. Malik RIMI rally R A M ramming. Yeah. Okay sexy. He sexy. I like him. Yeah..

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