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This is a humbly experience to be at home to feel like I should be I when you know, I know in the league, I know I can play and still provide skill sets in a the ability to get things done in playmaking ability. Yes, my attitude, my beat of my drum is going to kind of tone back a little bit because I wanna be I wanna be given a chance and to get that contract, you gotta be on the team right now. He's at home training, working out, trying to get in a position to where he can get another contract. So yes, his attitude can change. I don't think we, we need his attitude to change. I think for for kiva Cleveland Browns. I bring this Brian in because I know what is track record is as far as numbers. Yes, I w-. Once your fire, won't your passion. I want all of that, but I want you to come in here understanding. You're not the number one guy. What are you already? And he knows if he would have come in and do anything else, Greg, he would become yes, so so he can't come in and have you love the idea of turning into a choirboy really is just about commonsense once you put in that spot and you know you're looking at your future ahead of you and you know what you have to do and get done, and you know what not to do. So I don't. I don't think you're asking them to change and do not be fiery and not what the no all you won't want that that you want your signing Dez Bryant, not somebody else. You wanna yelling at Baker Mayfield Gill, right Raj law Tigers stripes, rob, you know that guys don't change overnight. Greg. I applaud you for defending one of your brethren in Brian good receiver, but I'm telling you the Cleveland Browns give you a call. I've seen you in the hall down here working out you, you're a better shape and better locker room presence than Dez Bryant. Go to the locker room presence better. I'm not. I'm not trying to compete with Dez Bryant. I, I have my my cons when it comes to Dez Bryant as far as route running in different things. But as far as being a playmaker impacting that team that has not won, they won one game in two years. Like, you can't tell me this isn't a good opportunity for both sides like weaken both capitalize on this. I can get back into the league and I can try to work myself into another contract another deal and showcase that. I'm still who believe that I am in Dez Bryant rounds, which struggled like we just talked about struggled in the red zone. We got a guy who's done it been there, yes, and help us out. Open up, help open up other receivers if he's a productive. So it does work for both side hard pass. Brian. I mean ruining potential. The young guys ruining locker room. That's one thirty one that signed a rebuild. I think you Jackson. Once that on the sideline is a guy who huge exit. If they start one in five or one six, he's gone. He's not making it to Halloween and Dez. Bryant Inca help that a couple of red zone touchdowns is not worth the potential locker room outer keg that you're can says, no one key component that I think you're missing here. If the Cleveland Browns really didn't want this Brian, they have someone in house that has worked with this brand on the sidelines and has had heated confrontations with him base the face in Todd, Haley. So settled talk and say, look, no, we're ready. We'll see in the next seventy two hours. Maybe if this was just for TV, as I as I predicted Todd alias for real, bring him on, we need. We'll see. I don't know just for TV, but we'll see if scorpion turns choirboy ran lightning..

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