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Com slash road trip. T o p a to 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS your state building in the GOP traffics in Springfield. A westbound on old key mill road, the crash or what remains of it beyond hand over Abdul and Westmore. Dr. Blocking the left lane. Westbound traffic on 6 40 forgets by to the right. No crashes on 95 between Springfield, Fredericksburg, certainly going too slow, especially south out. Through Stafford County, But it's Friday and it's summer. So what else is new 66? The slowdowns between the Beltway and Gainesville mostly owing to building volume and skies, opening up very wet now on the Beltway through Tysons and soon to be soggy through the work zones on I 66 west of 4 95 North bound through Warrenton, or heading toward it into the new interchange at Route 29. Business 29. Getting onto the bypass in a single file to the left past active roadwork for however long they could keep working, given the forecast in Maryland on University Boulevard westbound over the Beltway crash response. Very slow getting by. If you're getting by. It's probably only in single file. Another ambulance just showed up at the scene westbound on University Boulevard to 70. Nothing in the way between Rockville and Frederick, 95 is good. Built with a Beltway Baltimore Washington Parkway, slow north on through green Belt, the very least distraction north of Godard, probably on the shoulder. In Clinton, a stretch of Temple Hill Road blocked the bridge north of the scat away in south of Plato Street. That is probably storm related, but no confirmation as to what exactly He's going on a Temple Hill Road. Route 50 clear sailing so far eastbound through Billy Annapolis. Across the Severin and Bay Bridge is recovery Centers of America offers customized addiction treatment programs, which address underlying trauma and relapse. Prevention could help this summer. Call 1 800 recovery. Dave Tilden. W T o P. Traffic..

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