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How to give each other space are an and if you can't shoot then you're really not space. Give a space reduce all of that. Is that how can the organization move ahead from the the. What do you think the plan should be. What do you think the plan is going to be at an via trade or whatever it is so take your shopping. I mean i think there are a lot of moving pieces here right. I mean i think The first morning visas is benjamin's a good nba player. Or not. and i think the answer to that is yes. He's a good nba player. He does a lot of things on the court He's extremely good defensively. He gets love rebounds he does. He does a live things. That extremely extremely is he. A damper Zeke can he be the second best championship game right Can he be a. The first player offered good embiid. Yes you said me the shoot. Does he's running the plays he doesn't have to be you know for the lack of a better word like a magic johnson thing that i just never took that many shots. He wasn't the of. I mean he was lethal. Like if you if you give him give him like enough room he would he would. It would scored on new So that's one piece of So the other pieces watered. Sixers do the radim They initial rating for a couple of joel. Embiid has done joel. Embiid doesn't want to play with ben simmons anymore. It's clearly is clear the body language. They have to do something ben. Simmons is not doesn't have a good bread value at this point. You're still if you play more. And he stayed where it goes down your stock command please. Now there is some value. I would say like a little bit. I mean i like you said. I think he is going to be really good for an average and beauty like a team like let's say like because i was a lot of them. Let's say it's a lesson best book for benjamin street you send sent to washington dc. It's not a bad move washington. Because you're getting based in auditing shooting. But you're getting and you know you sort of get maybe get capri more pieces. You have bradley beal to do the escorting think ben. Simmons is really not that much you know. It's not a downgrade. Because the base. Benjamin space you at benjamin all good on defense. He's not definitely not the best option on that team. He can hide behind the mega. You can possible out there. He's got a running man gifford. He's got the running and ryan. He could do something that i i don't think like you said i really don't think that he's a wash out. That he should be sent back to san guy socks oughta go and play the australian leaguer back because the alternative what they're saying is skill development. And that's been happening for the past three us. They've been saying that the he's gonna. He's been working on his sleep on chart. Now take it. No you've been working on a little advance. Bush florida's orthon had taken in the game. He doesn't do any of those whatever. He's practiced the big sharks. Nothing doesn't take sharks out. I mean i think it was like zero. I think arts need. Yeah i mean it's like in the in the second second hop for the second quarter for seven games combined sharply three times. Emmy he made those three points statistical masters might say hundred deficiency but that is ridiculous..

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