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Not not. I mean for me either. I mean boy. It's hard to to book the person to help me book the job. Any real insight. Thuggery talking about hong podcast. This is newcomers. Not why won't you impregnate me. Why won't you date me magin. And it's just meet begging. Please impregnates people competing to be your ivf partner. It's like a reality. I mean it's getting to the way where it might have to give fuck it. All this is the third episode of the fourth season. You know. we're watching the fast and furious franchise. So we're at ten episodes recovering all my movies along with hobbs and shaw today. We're discussing a movie. I did forgetting you think you saw these movies and makes me so excited that you watched tokyo drift fast and furious tokyo drifter movie where covering today which features near all walker basil. Moving diesel is in it for future. We okay being the hard verb there. Yeah real quick you get it on. Dvd if that's like your j. m. who's still whatever you get it for free on peacock didn't know we invite on amazon wasted three dollars on apple. I bought the whole series. Because i was like one of these days. I'm gonna like watch. All my favorite movies turns out. I don't know any of them now. You're doing for work. one is doing it for fun. I guess i mean gabor's jiwan introduce our guest. I would like nothing more than to introduce our guest. I mean she's a podcasting legend. We share a fucking birthday. Which is maybe one of them you can have. And she's fucking from the race's right. On inside amy schumer the president show and the simpsons. Snl crawl show a lot of your favorite comedy shows and now also your favorite comedy show the new comers we accuracy. Nangle also famously my improv coach for a very long time. That's right that's right. I little nicole back in the google. Some of the people in your team works for google right. Yes we got to rehearse in the google offices in their scooters and ball pits and snacks and snacks and it was weird because he was the guy he was so nice. The guy that would Bring us there. I was coach. But i feel like i took the most snacks because i had no money. So how can be like. I'm your coach but they can have the serial weights if you ever coaching province l. A. which i think both of you graduated pass but people's apartments and your last orioles should the cabinet. You're like it's hard for me. I'm new to this city confinment. Baby that makes me so happy. You go into people's homes be like gabby funnier. Can i have cookies. Yeah you guys kind of lost track of the game in the second beat there and yes. My laundry needs to be flipped. We're going to a group game where we all. It's a trust thing we all clo- there is the all cover a year. And then i go into the kitchen and you guys forget what was in the fridge and remember what we have. You seen tokyo drift before. Not i had not. Yes nicole. I have never yes. Okay answer this question here on. We'll be yes. yes. I am all of these movies. I saw theater. Because i'm a lifelong supporter of the arts. And don't frequently have things to do when i saw that gabor's was was co hosting for for this for the fast and furious. I was like there's no way that guy's not seeing all the for some reason like he kinda got through life not seeing them. There's no way he didn't already make a podcast out of watching shocking. I like to refer to myself as the old. Calmer on this actually on all podcasts. Dante's effort but it's still fun when it has list bat. Just never mind. What are we talking about here. We're talking about you coming. Finally do you remember the audience reaction to this movie a little. I remember my personal reaction. What was your personal reaction. Ferry sort of like anthology movies weren't in a thing yet. You know what i mean. There wasn't like that you watched where it's like. It's a different castes. Each episode that wasn't a thing so as mad confusing but coming back talking like the day. I saw it. I was mad confused and then showed up at the end and i was like and now this is the thing we know about from avengers and every comic book but this year wasn't happening in movies previously where there's like a random sting at the end. That's like actually all these movies are gonna cause also. It's the first time that they use word family that i like in a real fast and furious type way. They're like yeah nuhan. He's said he's like family. And then the lead into vin diesel. Five minutes they said family. Maybe eight times okay. I think it said once each movie because obviously they're building on something but this movie where they tag it at the end and then you realize they're closing the whole fucking thing in on itself. They're like let's start saying family. Everybody knows each other this and and buyer. I'm looking forward to talking to you through this as we go forward. The events of this movie at the end are ret conned which means retroactively continuity like the changing of the continuity twice so two times we will relitigate what actually happened to han once in five. I promise you it's crazy. Get ready we're gonna keep learning every movie something different actually happened on. Just get excited okay. Because they feel sorry to jump into the movie. No it's fine. I feel like i've heard hans name. And i guess i just was like. Oh that must be a character. I just forgot about. I don't know why i just kept telling myself. I had seen the movies. And just forgotten about key elements i. I haven't i never laid eyes on the school. Kids were forty five years old so old. Oh my god that's my major thing was like this like the opening scene is like slow motion going through like metal detectors and i thought that they were going to like a concert or game or something and then like so. This dude goes in. And he's just not i mean he's like late twenties and i was always a teacher and then he's like in a classroom teacher shop class or whatever and then he's like a student like shit yeah referring to lucas black. Who plays are lead in this movie. And sean boswell. He's got a curious accent that i've truly never heard another human being half. Yeah it's really funny to have that intense of an accent and then also take your movie to japan. Japan is this what american sound like. It's like honestly even people that went to the same high school as don't sound like i mean it was a choice also. His body is interesting. I mean i don't wanna body shame. But i'm not shaming. I'm just talking about facts. His arms float so far out from his torso and then his feet he kinda walks like a duck their pointed not straight.

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