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You need chromium vanadium. So we have the in the chromium cruciferous. We also have mono Tomic minerals that I cuss to make for customers console which is determined to Piedmont, atomic chromium and vanadium accidents on analog where I had my special liposomes custom make it myself. So when you get it is made by Dr Bill and handmade by me. And of course, our main formulas Diabate willing and by ten plus two capsules of each twice today before each big meal. And the idea of Berber stat in which only lowers the got this files, but also blocks, Glueck gone that your liver makes protein turn back into sugar. So a lot of diabetics are much higher the next morning after meal. And there is an issue liberal working overtime overnight actually convert protein back into sugar. Leptin metabolic. We mentioned earlier. We'll restore leptin sensitivity in your brain and control appetite and lower insulin resistance wrote the body very important emp genetic frequency treatment, I can give the frequency through the sonic life. She and I have one of our ladies, who's a nurse emergency room nurse and she uses the sonic life with neck frequencies, because she's diabetic, and we're reversing diabetes.

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