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You won't die over ninety nine percent you're. Not Going to die from and so that why why go looking for trouble because other vaccines have been known do this the big problem is is people say, yeah. But what about this this? There have been some vaccines that have you know help people and and and and yet I think corona virus is going to benefit from the very beginning I have said with the help of others other people involved in it is they'll Pori never have a true vaccine for Corona Var. I put it in the category of there will never be one vaccine for catching a cold. Family is changing all the time they come and go and go fifty miles away. The cold viruses different and I think that's probably what's going on. So this whole idea that and and the people have been conditioned the the gates gates is of the world have conditioned people that this will be what is necessary for you to live a normal life for you to get a job or go to college or get on an airplane, you will have to have the vaccine. Oh, you mean they're going to be checking just for the antibody. No they're going to be checking for some other things and it's going to be your passport and that that might be a mess that we've been going through for almost a year. that. Might be the scariest part about what's happening is is the loss of of privacy and the whole idea that government is going to have our passports. Into are put into our bodies and it literally is holding people hostage literally, Hey, do you want your life back? Do you WANNA stop being miserable? You want to go out and have a hamburger to have a glass of beer while you better get your passport and that's what they're doing when you see and I saw a doctor give a brilliant presentation on a earlier today. But he said that the suicide rate has gone through the roof this year more than more than people that have died of covid and so if you're on the Verge of suicide and they say, Hey, you can go back to normal..

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