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That result does not belong in that first possession so you need to you've lease hopefully give the customer what they want as soon as a visit your website it's it's crazy how much data that already looking at and this is can open up a whole bunch more data for them to see how people start day quirion than it refines into new queries to actually get to what they want so they're gonna stein tissa painting what you're really asking they're going to be better understanding what you're trying to us than you are articulating which is scary but colin same time allow that feed into the whole voice search anyway you a lot of time you'll just ask a very broad question and expect goo goo siri or her you elect said to answer it and then ninety percent a don't understand it you have to re rephrase it like seven times before you actually get response you yeah i'm ready for these smart devices to get smarter because of time they don't give me what i want yet i'm ready for our a overlords takeover make my life without a bring it on you interested in is google is completely separated their robotics division from the aai division purposefully because they're really concerned about the two of those things merging together in as turning into terminate as long as they don't work with boston dynamic ever i'm okay with that through thirty on alex robots are the asked if you've not seen them go to invest type in boston dynamics and law watched the videos because there's little dog things that had opened the door and let other dogs through yeah and they look so much like the wall the ones from black mirror that it's really really scary if you haven't seen glamour there's an episode with killer robot dogs and they look dislike these these things in real life and then the other robot that looks like a human that can do backflips why it's insane is really really cool in pick up staff and walk through the snow some either way data from a hotel perspective optimized from a google search perspective but also make sure you always have mp.

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