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York's automotive technology department sherry and you have the story of the D. and J. repair facilities located in Seaford Michael is part of the MTA will be half your local source at triple eight six nine two seven two three four but this time we'd like to welcome back into a different interpreter classroom Robert ocean our fingerprint correspondent and being good day Robert Erskine I held a very warm welcome to you all the quick weather update guess what how it's blowing a gale again outside there across most of England I would also have your lobbying for many many decades as well since we were lost for their review law well I hope you're okay with them you were still here we've all part all spelled out on the everything is absolutely hunky dory and the attorneys who will take you all sorts of bells so you're protected hi I am doing just that the women control piece got a lot of wind we will see you through and part of the PSA group of France has just launched one port in the vehicle Robert what is it right well how old this is a very exciting global services the firm has a premium brand which is rebranded itself I did that I'd be S. which is a very famous set of initials because the all the six for D. S. which was the world's most the golf cart with it came out at the beginning of the fifties at the close enough so the storm is continue to do so because it should be right up at the top of it okay so what we're talking about today it's a fact your brand new SUV premium which is fully electric all right if there is a group of the PSA group show this is the groups and very very first fully electric vehicles I do think that thank you very it's a very high end design call quality is key to what this is all about and we had a good season those are it's a really nice looking call it's it's full price is fifty three cross back he had quite a mouthful but it's where I get physicians itself very very well I did also stolen a March held as we say here probably every single of the manufacturer who is out there basically selling all sorts of calls may be hybrids at the moment okay get so cold to me we have missions controls which are being tightened up continually here in Europe and it is absolutely extraordinary that it is unique in that particular sector must be cold and you'll be amazed when I tell you this for everybody so hold on to your hat the with a picture of a vehicle is actually cheaper to buy than exactly made so diesel powered equivalents and they're all diesel powered equipment does your restrictions which at the state capitol so this really is quite extraordinary to switch I'm just out of the blue when nobody was expecting this news all the very very first if we choose to call which when you sit down and work out the figures on the map if you say it's cheaper to get good service that is a clever with a gasoline or diesel what I think about that how old is it the place very very squarely over life so it has a range of jump around two hundred.

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