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At all. Here. We're the ball Whiteside. Jeremy drives inside soups it up and there's a blocking foul. How good is Alvin taking the ball for the rent. This has really turned it on. I'd say that second half of the big ten season started finally saying I got to be aggressive aggressive, aggressive aggressive grass attacking the basket has been that guy that Indiana can count on aggressive attacking the ram, but also shooting the basketball Durham at the free throw line which in Indiana seven quarterback Ty test and his first game. Indiana, rather Arkansas with another change that got Keyshawn Emory Simpson. The contest for the first time in the second shot by enormous. No good. And it's a fourteen seven Arkansas. Reggie Cheney top of the key gives right side to Cheney Cheney throws it back to Jones Jones. Now throws it outside into the hands of Isaiah Joe who's return now after he Sean Emery Simpson now download Cheney puts up a jump shot. Misses. The rebound comes off in the hands. Rob courtesy. He takes it to the right of the circle brings it to the top of the key with the dribble. Throws it back. Right to Jon Morgan now will drive inside nice feed at Davis who puts it up and his foul on the floor. Couldn't make the shot of fouls called and the whistle goes against Ethan Henderson, his first job much of a window open there for that well-balanced past. If that's really good action by Indiana's Biggs, the drive and kicked down to the big man to Ron Davis. Here's Davis is free up a ramp. Green checks back into the lineup, Indiana. Data's finish for his first rest and Garonne goes to the strike for one more sixty one percent free throw shooter on the season. The second one also, no good. Indiana's off to a bad start here from shooting perspective. Here's Isaiah Joe outside into the hands of Jones. Mason gels right-wing drives baseline off pulls up. Fires up a job for missed it. And the rebound comes through. Devante great. He pushes down a floor quickly slides to the lap pulls up backs backout still on the dribble left side past the mcroberts in Joon Morgan Morgan turns clears it outside of threw out about that was just a bad past the ipad pass. I think I've seen from Morgan kicking the ball on the low post Arkansas starting understand John's really go on the block they had three guys in the lane. Made him kick the ball out for free. That's just too narrow Indiana's got five turnovers already in this game. Here's a drive left by. Memory simpson. And they get her off the chain on the left baseline. He throws it back outside. The Henderson Anderson. Not Isaiah Joe Joe's top of the key goes right side to again Embree Simpson who holds onto it. Then dumps at the Cheney at the free throw line. He boxes inside. Isaiah Joe pros back outside the Jones. Mason jolts fires up a shot at the buzzer at had banks and Mason Jones's hit two big shots already for Arkansas..

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