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So here's the question you have to get from point a to point b and it's raining so will you get wetter walking in the rain or running in the rain well let's look at the science if you run you get rained on from the top but you're also running sideways into the rain if you walk you'll get rained on from the top but you won't be running sideways into the rain so walking keeps you in the rain longer but will you be less wet by doing so no the physics is a little complicated but at any given second your getting just as wet whether you walk or run your speed does not affect how much water you walk into from the side it's the same at any speed just as snow plow will plow the same amount of snow regardless of how fast it's going the only variable is time so the solution is to spend the least amount of time in the rain meaning that you're better off running then walking and that is something you should know once again if you're a new listener in the last couple of episodes and you have a moment drop me a line and tell me how you found this podcast we're trying to figure out where this big jump and listenership came from and that would really that would really help you can email me at mike at somethingyoushouldknow dot net i'm mike carruthers thanks for listening today to something you should know.

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